Polygon [APAC] DevX Hackathon Recap & Result Announcement

The Polygon [APAC] DevX Hackathon recently announced its results, revealing that only 16 teams out of a total of 213 submissions were selected by the judges. This event is one of many global hackathons exclusively supported by DoraHacks, aimed at encouraging developers worldwide to explore the possibilities of Polygon application development and other Ethereum scaling solutions.

In addition to being a competition, the hackathon also provides a valuable learning opportunity for developers. Participants can take advantage of a series of technical workshops on DoraHacks' official YouTube channel and learn from them.

Now let’s take a tour of these excellent winners!

Bounty: App Layer



a no-code platform to create on-chain linkable digital badges and empowering linked NFT digital identities

Wi-Fi (Wholly Integrated Finance)

Solution to “Why(Wi) DeFi?” An all-in-one dApp with a seamless experience in exploring, investing in various DeFi opportunities without the need to leave the DApp even once.


POM is a Polygon blockchain-based digital passport (my DID wallet), used to share my credentials, such as identity and employment history.

the-riot-protocol: Decentralized IOT Security Gateway

Experience the secure and reliable communication offered by the Riot protocol. Protect your IoT networks from security threats.


Open Source SDK For Developers to Easily Build Private DeFi Applications


Our vision is to become an infrastructure tool powered by blockchain technology that enables borderless money transfer for all those interested in establishing their own bank-like financial system. In essence, we aspire to be the "bank of everything."

Bounty: Specific Problem


PolyZKevm Router

Swap NFTs and ERC20 tokens with ease on PolygonZkevm using Uniswap’s Universal Router.

Polybtc tracker

This is a tracker to showcase different versions of BTC that exist on Polygon woith the help of Luniverse NOVA API. To track various versions and show growth of the same.


You will be able to track all types of BTC tokens on Polygon at a glance


ZKredentials is a decentralized skill & credentials verification platform that empowers anonymous developers by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs), Ethereum blockchain, and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The platform is designed to revolutionize talent discovery and validation while preserving privacy and ensuring security.

Track: Tooling & Public Goods


Calamus Finance - Money Streaming

Your decentralized crypto streaming platform - Automate real-time salary, startup vesting or any transactions with enhanced security and transparency


KYContract is a platform that seeks to provide better UX for Web3 project users by allowing developers of dApps to KYC their contracts using Polygon ID providing improved UX as users can verify contract scores.

CryptoDo AI

CryptoDo-AI is a next-generation smart contract builder powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 API.


Fragments is a groundbreaking smart contract middleware designed to streamline and automate various DeFi operations across major EVM chains.


Get Paid for your Git contributions!

Track: zkEVM Tooling



Ethereum to Polygon Rate Provider Template