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Putting your identity and network in the palm of your hands.


What is POM?

POM is a Polygon blockchain-based digital passport (my DID wallet), used to share my credentials, such as identity and employment history.


Why Polygon ID?

Polygon ID + POM app empowers users with self-sovereign identity, which is a digital identity that doesn't depend on a centralized system and is owned and controlled by the user.

What Problems Are We Solving?

Who can you trust in web3? - Don’t Trust, Verify.

How can you be sure the person you just met really works at that Upbit or Polygon?

Use DID for self-verification without exposing person details

Control - Fragmented networks - Fraudulent Activity

How Does POM Solve These Problems?

Social Proofs: Users can build a more trustworthy online presence by building a social profile with on-chain verifiable credentials through POM and Polygon ID.

  • On-chain “Instagram verified badges” or “Twitter blue checks” to prove identity
  • Profiles are similar to LinkedIn but with verified employment history through Polygon ID

Verified Organizations: POM will build out a network of organizations that will allow users to self-verify their identities. In the beginning, we will focus on acquiring strategic partnerships with web3 companies. Not only does this help with the verification of the individual, but it also puts more trust in the companies where they work. In the future, we can expand this to many other types of IRL organizations, such as local municipalities, academic institutions, and even national services—all of which have the ability to verify identification.

Proof of Meet: Building on the popular idea of “Proof of Attendance (POAP),” POM app expands that concept to IRL and online connections through a new concept, “Proof of Meet (POM)” POM allows users to collect an NFT (we call POM NFT) that represents each user’s verified identity and on-chain history of their interaction.

i.e. POAP records which event you visited, POM records who you met at those events

  • Creates an on-chain history of your contacts - casual and professional networks
  • Incentivizes organic connection IRL and online

User Types

Who is a HOLDER?

  • Individuals using POM Profile (aka my DID wallet) app to display his or her verified professional profiles
    • Use POM App
    • Use Polygon App

Who is an ISSUER?

  • A verified IRL organization (Coinbase, Binance, Consensys etc.)
  • Employer, government organization, medical facility, or academic institution

Who is a VERIFIER?

  • Any individual or entity checking HOLDER’s verified credentials on POM


What is Our MVP?



POM Identity (POM-ID)

User Profile page on the POM App is connected to the user's Polygon ID to prove the credentials entered in POM.

POM (Proof-of-Meet)

Each verified POM-ID will come equipped with a ERC1155 NFT that will represent each users identity. When connecting with a new user IRL or online. Users will be able to claim these badges to prove their history of meeting; POM.


Get 1,000 users

  • IRL events, such as ETHSeoul, Buidl Asia etc
  • Create and distribute POM tokens
    • Distribute POMs through Telegram connections (POM Connect)

What are POM’s Next Steps?


  • POM Identity
    • Google SSO / Apple ID SSO
    • Web3 Wallet integration
  • Onboard Issuers
    • Employment history
    • Schools or web3 learning platforms - Certificates of completion
    • Police records (for employee background checks, pre-employment)
    • Medical records (Got covid shots)
    • Credit history


  • POM Connect
    • Seamlessly connect across their messaging tool of choice; directly integrated with POM
  • Proof of Meet Beta


  • Mobile app - iOS & Android
  • POM Contacts
    • A powerful contact management tool allowing you to easily sort & filter through your network

H1 ‘24

  • A.I. exploration
    • Nudges, follow-up reminders, context providers
  • Social integrations
    • Verify and own your identity across other social platforms; ex Lens, Farcaster etc
  • P2P payments
    • Send money from to and from your verified users in POM.

Business Model

B2B -

  • Work with foundations to distribute POM at events
  • Work with ISSUERS to integrate with POM for their DID solution adoption

B2C - Premium Features

  • POM Contacts
    • Export contacts to CSV - charge base on use
  • Premium AI features