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Ideaism 路 2023/12/04

Collaboration feature within Laravel Pulse dashboard


Enables multiple developers to work together in real-time to troubleshoot and resolve performance issues, improving team efficiency.

Ideaism 路 2023/12/02

Virtual Wingman


AI-powered virtual assistant that helps users navigate the world of online dating by providing personalized tips, conversation starters, and profile optimization advice.

fiwi676 路 2023/12/01

FamilyGuard 24/7 Location provider

App that provides location of your old aged parents or your little kids whether in home or at school or at grocery shopping. Just like a CCTV, the location will be active 24/7. Even all the family members can track each other's location via certain settings. It will also give alert if the phone is not used for a longer period or the location is constant for a longer interval when outside home

Ideaism 路 2023/11/30

AI-Powered Scheduling Assistant for Messaging Apps


An assistant that uses NLP technology to understand and respond to messages from customers, making it easier for businesses to schedule appointments through messaging apps.

Ideaism 路 2023/11/30

Mobile App with GPT-Powered Content Recommendations


A mobile app that utilizes GPT technology to generate personalized content recommendations for users based on their browsing history and interests.

Ideaism 路 2023/11/30

Website Personalization Tool with WhatsApp Integration


A tool that uses data from browsing behavior and demographics to personalize website content and integrate with WhatsApp chats for customized responses.

kaiweicai 路 2023/11/30

Get new friend in web3 times


Today a new type of social relationship is born. Users' social relationships and social assets are completely generated by the users themselves. Users will earn huge profits from their own social relationships and social assets.

Ideaism 路 2023/11/30

"AI-powered Mobile Personalization Platform"


A platform that uses AI to personalize the app experience for each user based on their preferences and habits.

Ideaism 路 2023/11/27

Rust Web Application Builder


A drag-and-drop interface for building web applications using Rust, axum, and hyper without coding. Customization options available for advanced users.

Ideaism 路 2023/11/26

Customizable 24Hour Planner


Allows users to personalize their planner and add custom pages.

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Integration Plugin for Simulation Software
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
An integration plugin for popular simulation software used in control system design, such as MATLAB or Simulink. The plugin would incorporate the L-infinity norm computation functionality into the simulation process, providing real-time feedback on system performance based on different parameter values.
Mobile Application for L-infinity Norm Calculations
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
A mobile application that allows users to input their own linear time-invariant system equations and parameters, and then computes and displays the corresponding L-infinity norm value. This could be useful for students or professionals who need quick calculations on-the-go.
Customized Control System Solutions Consulting Service
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
A consulting service that provides customized solutions for companies facing challenges in optimizing their control systems. The service would utilize advanced mathematical techniques, including cylindrical algebraic decomposition, to find the best parameter values for achieving desired system performance.
Pre-Computed L-infinity Norm Database Platform
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
An online platform that offers on-demand access to a database of pre-computed L-infinity norm values for various linear time-invariant systems with different parameter values. This could save researchers and engineers valuable time in their studies and projects.
Parameter-Dependent Coefficient Optimization Tool
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
A software tool that utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically generate optimized parameter-dependent coefficients for linear time-invariant systems, taking into account the L-infinity norm computation. This could greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of control systems in various industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and energy.
Integration of L-infinity-norm computation into existing modeling and simulation tools
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
Integration of this method into existing software tools used for modeling and simulation of systems, such as MATLAB or Simulink. This would make it easier for users to incorporate L-infinity-norm computation for linear time-invariant systems with parameter-dependent coefficients into their existing workflows.
Mobile app for real-time calculations of maximal y-projection of solutions
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
A mobile app that allows users to input parameters and receive real-time calculations of the maximal y-projection of real solutions for their linear time-invariant system. This could be useful for engineers working in the field who need quick and accurate results.
Consulting services for optimizing systems using L-infinity-norm computation
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
Consulting services for companies or organizations looking to optimize their systems by utilizing L-infinity-norm computation for linear time-invariant systems with parameter-dependent coefficients. This could include customized solutions and support for implementing this method in their products.
Online platform or database for sharing data on linear time-invariant systems
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
An online platform or database where researchers and engineers can share and access data on linear time-invariant systems with parameter-dependent coefficients. This could facilitate collaboration and accelerate research in this field.
Software tool for computing the L-infinity-norm of linear time-invariant systems
2023/12/05 07:01:31 UTC
A software tool that allows users to easily compute the L-infinity-norm of their linear time-invariant systems with parameter-dependent coefficients. This tool could also provide visualizations and analysis of the results to help users better understand their system.
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