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Mayette12 · 2024/04/14
xion ecosystem

The XION ecosystem is curated for partners dedicated to creating a frictionless Web3 at scale. Dive into our expansive network of dApps, validators, partners, and builders, all united to simplify Web3 access for any user, everywhere. ctto

Eric · 2024/04/13
Lowering entry barrier in tech and business model, innovation and replication

In fact, the entry barrier to any technology or business model will lower over time with acceleration. Therefore however difficult the tech or business model is at first, will be replicated eventually. The real edge from first mover is the advantage to innovate faster and early. So by the time the late mover couldn't even do well in v1.0, the first mover has already been building v3.0 and doing well. The punishment of the late mover is that it will always be late and it will always follow, so does the late mover's investors.

Imanwalk · 2024/04/13

the hashtag is about subject #MyFirstIdea

how to get moon

anthonypeter1988 · 2024/04/13
As a creator, I'm glad to provide some suggestions for XION's ABSTRACTATHON. Here are a few recommendations


Define the objectives: Make sure to clarify the goals and themes of the event beforehand. Determine the objectives participants need to achieve and ensure that the event design and rules align with them. This will help participants better understand the event and provide a clear reference framework. Design challenges: Create a series of challenging yet feasible tasks or problems to stimulate participants' creativity and abstract thinking abilities. These challenges can include problem-solving, art design, model building, and more. Ensure that the difficulty of the challenges is moderate, neither too easy nor too difficult, to encourage active participation. Provide resources: Offer participants the necessary resources and tools to support their creative and abstract thinking processes. This can include providing reference materials, sample works, software tools, or hardware devices. Ensure that all participants have equal access to these resources and make the most of them to implement their ideas. Remember, these suggestions are meant to enhance the experience of XION's ABSTRACTATHON and promote abstract thinking among participants. Feel free to adapt them to suit the specific goals and requirements of your event.

soixamcryto · 2024/04/13
#CharacterX' Only 2 days left until the gates close!


's exclusive closed-door Airdrop event in Discord is in its final countdown. Join before April 15th and immerse yourself in daily quests, earning points to secure your place among the elite Top Ranking!

yeehuarone · 2024/04/13
Myfirstld dear


Ideaism · 2024/04/12
AI Ethics Compliance Checker

A product focused on AI ethical compliance, using LM-TT's transparency to identify biases and ensure fairness in AI models, for use by companies and regulatory bodies.

hazem454 · 2024/04/12
i have trust wallt issus i need help for all assest


hazem454 · 2024/04/12
i have projict finsh need transfer fotr my wallet + swaap


dindyam · 2024/04/12
making a tokenless token

a token with no tokenomics