Polygon [$50,000]

  • Application Layer Track [$15,000 | $2,500 each | 6 winners]

    • Build innovative applications in the areas of NFT/Gaming, DeFi, NFTfi, etc. on the Polygon zkEVM testnet or Polygon PoS network. Your project should address a specific user need and demonstrate creative use of Polygon technologies. Examples could include NFT marketplaces, blockchain games, decentralized lending platforms, or novel use cases for NFTs in the financial industry. Special provision given to projects using multiple technologies together eg, using Polygon ID for Sybil resistant identities, Oracles etc.
  • Tooling & Public Goods Track [$15,000 | $2,500 each | 6 winners]

    • Create tools and public goods utilizing the Polygon zkEVM or Polygon PoS network. Design public goods for community-driven initiatives, or payment layer tools for frictionless transactions. Your solution should provide practical utility and benefits to the broader Polygon ecosystem. Your project should leverage various Polygon ecosystem components such as
      • Polygon ID for decentralized identity,
      • dApp Store for app discovery, or
      • 0xMint for NFT minting.
  • zkEVM Tooling Track [$10,000 | $5,000 each | 2 winners]

    • Develop complex tooling solutions that increase the usability of Polygon zkEVM. This could involve building interoperability features such as cross-chain bridges or protocols that enable seamless communication and asset transfer between Polygon zkEVM and other blockchain networks. Another example could be building a governance mechanism using OpenZeppelin Governor for managing proposals and voting across multiple chains. Your project should showcase technical expertise and creativity in solving challenging problems in the multi-chain environment. For example, your project could be an Intra-chain [Polygon zkEVM <-> X chain], L1 <-> L2 OZ Governor or any other complex tool for Polygon zkEVM.

      • Note: Even if your project does not win, it may still be considered for entry into the exclusive Polygon Closed Dev Circle for outstanding projects.
  • Specific Problem Statements Track [$10,000 | $2,500 each | 4 winners]

    • Address one of the specific problem statements shared by Polygon Labs. These problem statements could cover various areas, such as scalability, user experience, security, or adoption challenges within the Polygon ecosystem. Your project should provide a practical solution to the identified problem and demonstrate its feasibility on the Polygon zkEVM testnet. Your solution should be technically sound and effectively tackle the specified problem statement.

Consensys [$ 10,000]

With MetaMask, Infura, and a leading suite of blockchain products, we make it easy to build applications on Ethereum and participate in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse.

Best use of Infura’s NFT SDK ERC1155 Template

Build and deploy your project utilizing the erc1155 contract template in the NFT SDK. Winners will be chosen based on functionality, creativity, and impact.



  • Import and use 1155 template
  • Deploy to Polygon

Best use of Infura’s NFT SDK ERC721 or ERC721Mintable Template:

Build and deploy your project utilizing the erc721 contract template in the NFT SDK. Winners will be chosen based on functionality, creativity, and impact.


Newman Capital [ $10,000]

Newman Capital is a proprietary venture capital firm headquartered in Asia with research associates and investment analysts based in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and the US. Our firm’s mission is to seek extraordinary early-stage founders and technology at the forefront of Web3. We aim to leverage our deep expertise and extensive network bridging the East and West to connect our portfolio companies and partners with top-tier resources, opportunities, and access enabling them to scale with true impact.

At Newman, we believe the next wave of crypto users will come from the following three verticals: gaming, social, and entertainment. However, there are very few current Web3 teams in these verticals who have found product market fit and are gaining traction.

For this year’s Polygon DevX APAC Hackathon, we will select one winning team to receive our $10,000 bounty.

What are we looking for?

1. The platform/solution must address one of the following sectors: gaming, social, or entertainment.

2. The team must be building an innovative consumer-facing application targeted at mass retail users or infrastructure that decreases friction for builders developing new platforms / improves UX for users.

Judging Criteria:

  • Strong founding team with a solution to critical pain point

  • Clear product development plans and go-to-market strategy

  • Evidence of product market fit and traction

Luniverse [ $18,000 ]

Luniverse is a Streamlined, Scalable, and Secure Web3 development platform where you can embark on your Web3 journey. With the launch of Luniverse NOVA, building and deploying blockchain applications is easier than ever before, thanks to its advanced node service, easy-to-use interface, and high interoperability. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting your Web3 journey, Luniverse has got you covered.

Lambda256, the operator of Luniverse, is the blockchain arm of a South Korean fintech leader Dunamu(Upbit), that offers a comprehensive portfolio of blockchain solutions that addresses various challenges of blockchain adoption. The use cases include the world's leading travel rule solution VerifyVASP, Upbit NFT, Momentica, etc.

Welcome to the Luniverse NOVA track! In this exciting competition, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity by building a decentralized application (dApp) using Luniverse NOVA's multichain API, Webhook function, and node JSON-RPC on the Polygon Mumbai testnet.

With a total prize pool of 18,000 USDC, the top three winners will receive 10,000, 5,000, and 3,000 USDC respectively. But it's not just about the prize money - this hackathon is also a chance to explore the cutting-edge features of Luniverse NOVA and demonstrate your ability to build a functional and innovative dApp.

Projects will be judged based on their use of Luniverse NOVA's API and features, as well as their completeness and potential for further development in the market. The more you utilize the Luniverse NOVA tools, the higher your score will be.

So, if you're ready to take on the challenge and showcase your skills, join us for the Luniverse NOVA Hackathon and let's build the future of Web3 together!

  • 1st Place - 10,000 USDC

  • 2nd place - 5,000 USDC

  • 3rd place - 3,000 USDC

SettleMint [$15,000 Cash Bounties + $50,000 SettleMint Credits]


SettleMint is the world’s most full-stack low-code blockchain application development platform, empowering developers to build, integrate and launch any blockchain application quickly and efficiently at scale.

Every hackathon team (minimum of 2) will be allocated $2000 of SettleMint credits to build your blockchain application using our platform, which you can claim here . For winning teams of the bounties specified below, additional SettleMint credits will be awarded on top of cash rewards to continue buidling your project.

With $2000 of free SettleMint credits you can

  1. Solve SettleMint’s bounties and be rewarded from a prize pool of $15,000 in cash.

  2. Solve Polygon’s bounties using SettleMint and gain access to a prize pool of $125,000.

SettleMint makes blockchain development easy by providing a full-stack development platform, empowering you to focus solely on building the most innovative use cases on Polygon.

What’s included with the $2000 credits?

Whether you want to build on Polygon PoS, Polygon Edge, or bridge between the two, we’ve got you covered!

Build a full-stack Polygon dApp using SettleMint’s

$15,000 Cash Bounties + $50,000 SettleMint Credits

Defi and Payments: $3000 Cash + $2000 SettleMint Credits

Leverage the SettleMint full stack dApp development workflow on the Polygon network to build the best Defi and Payment Solutions. Let your imagination run wild and think of how you can leverage Polygon to power your Defi & Payments solution!

Best DeFi and Payment Use Case: 1 x $1500 Cash + $1000 Credits

Best UX/UI : 1 x $1500 Cash + $1000 Credits

NFTs and Gaming: $3000 + $2000 SettleMint Credits

Use SettleMint’s full stack tool from developing smart contracts, integrating gaming logic with our integration studio, to using the Hasura engine to manage your on/off-chain data and build the best NFTs & Gaming solutions on Polygon!

Best NFTs and Gaming Use Case: 1 x $1500 + $1000 Credits

Best UX/UI : 1 x $1500 + $1000 Credits

Decentralized Identities: $3000 + $2000 SettleMint Credits

Are you ready to take on the challenge of creating a more secure and user-friendly approach to decentralized identity? Your challenge is to develop solutions to identity management to ensure security, privacy, and user control.

Best Decentralized Identities Use Case: 1 x $1500 + $1000 Credits

Best UX/UI: 1 x $1500 + $1000 Credits

Unlock the Power of SettleMint’s full stack development platform: $4500 (Pool Prize)

Use the Graph Middleware or Hasura or Integration Studio on SettleMint.

Bonus : Build a bridging tool with an innovative use case : $1500 + $1000 SettleMint Credits

Utilize the power of the Polygon Edge with Polygon Testnet and/or Polygon Mainnet networks to build a bridging tool with an innovative use case.

Getting Started

Trust Wallet [$10,000]

  • Visualization ($5,000)

    • Support

    • Community

      • create a registry smart contract that route to various EIP-6865 implementation of different protocols
      • create a smart contract that is compliant with EIP-6865 for 1inch fusion
    • Innovation

      • now as you are more familiar with wizard-sdk and the EIP-712 visualization concept, propose the best way to solve this widespread issue (it can be one of the 2 already existing ones, the SDK or on-chain visualization EIP, just make sure to defend your idea)
  • Simulation ($5,000)

    • Support

      • add more debug node providers factories, at least Alchemy and Tenderly
    • Security

      • extract slippage AMM calls (uniswap, 1inch,..etc), calculate the min amount and add it to amounts array, note that you can’t rely on the calldata only as someone can use a bundler to bundle multiple transaction (use the simulation internal calls to identify the AMM call, decode it and extract the slippage/minOut)
    • Innovation

      • Currently, slippage is a significant issue in decentralized finance (DeFi) because each protocol uses a different data format. It is challenging and not scalable to add custom implementations for each protocol, decode the data, and extract the slippage value.

To address this problem, a scalable solution is needed that would allow wallets to protect users from miner-extractable value (MEV) attacks targeting transactions with unset slippage (or set to 100%). One potential solution is to create an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) that standardizes the way slippage is encoded and decoded across all DeFi protocols. This would enable wallets to easily extract the slippage value from any transaction data and alert users if the slippage is unset or set to 100%, providing an additional layer of protection against MEV attacks. Alternative implementations that achieve the same goal are also worth considering.

Circle [ $10,000]

Circle is a global financial technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to harness the power of digital currencies and public blockchains for payments, commerce and financial applications worldwide.

Circle is also the principal operator of USD Coin (USDC), which has become the fastest-growing, regulated and fully reserved dollar digital currency. USDC now stands at more than 32 billion and has supported about $1.4 trillion in transactions over the past year.

Today, Circle's transaction and treasury services are giving rise to a new generation of financial services and commerce applications that hold the promise of raising global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.