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Get Paid for your Git contributions!



Revolutionizing Open Source Sustainability with Automated Project Sponsoring and Commit Evaluation

Collaboration on open source software has become increasingly prevalent with platforms like GitHub, facilitating a global community of developers. Open source software has transformed numerous industries, powering web servers, front-end frameworks various software applications, specially blockchains and decentralized applications. However, the lack of sustainable funding often leads to the disappearance of promising open source projects. While donation platforms exist, the setup can be cumbersome and time-consuming. To address this challenge, we at GitPaid have tried leveraging automated donation distribution and commit evaluation to support open source sustainability.

Simplifying Funding with Automated Donation Distribution: Traditional donation platforms are often associated with complex setup processes, deterring potential sponsors. In contrast, the new approach revolutionizes the donation process, offering a user-friendly platform that seamlessly distributes donations among projects and their contributors. By automating the distribution based on the analysis of a commit evaluation engine, this innovative solution eliminates the manual effort while ensuring fair allocation of funds.

Commit Evaluation and Verification: Key to the success of this new approach is the commit evaluation engine. It assesses the impact and quality of code contributions made by developers, providing an objective evaluation of their work. Contributions are evaluated based on various factors, including the significance of the changes, code quality, and overall impact on the project. This evaluation determines the weightage assigned to each contributor, enabling fair distribution of funds in proportion to their contributions.

Streamlining Bounty Payments: Maintainers play a crucial role in nurturing open source projects. To incentivise contributions and attract talented developers, the platform allows maintainers to create bounties. These bounties are rewarded automatically using the commit evaluation and verification process, saving time and effort for both maintainers and contributors. This streamlined approach not only accelerates the payment process but also unlocks various use cases, such as building software projects in an automated manner using API integration.

Driving Sustainable Open Source Collaboration: The ultimate goal of our project is to ensure the long-term sustainability of open source projects. By simplifying the funding process, automating payments, and providing a fair distribution mechanism, this platform empowers developers to continue their valuable contributions. It fosters collaboration and innovation within the open source community, creating an ecosystem where projects receive the necessary financial support to thrive.


For Contributors: Earn rewards and recognition for your open-source contributions. Join a thriving community of developers and showcase your skills. For Maintainers: Incentivise contributions and attract talented developers to your projects. Streamline the management of open-source bounties with automated payments. For the Open-Source Community: Foster collaboration and innovation by sponsoring projects using our commit evaluation engine. Empower developers to make a meaningful impact in the open-source ecosystem.


Features - Decentralized Donation & Bounty Platform: Revolutionize the funding and sustainability of open-source software projects. Our platform, built on Polygon blockchain with off-chain computation using Chainlink Functions, enables sponsors to seamlessly support their favorite projects through monthly donations. Enjoy transparent transactions, fair distribution of funds, and automated payout mechanisms, reshaping the landscape of open-source collaboration.

Intelligent Commit Evaluation: Drive fair rewards and recognition for developers' contributions. Our analysis engine, powered by advanced technologies like OpenAI GPT enabled by Chainlink Functions, accurately assesses the impact and quality of code contributions. Ensure that funds are distributed based on the value added by each contributor, creating a vibrant open-source community that incentivises and values developers' work.

Dynamic Payouts based on Git Contributions and Commit Evaluation:

GitPaid implements a dynamic payout mechanism that ensures fair distribution of funds on the contributor level. Each contributor receives a share of the daily project balance, calculated based on their weight derived from the commit evaluation engine. This engine evaluates git contributions and computes a score, reflecting the impact and quality of the contributions made.

To avoid unfair distribution on less active repositories, GitPaid employs a window of three months for weight calculations. This window provides a balanced assessment of contributions over time, ensuring that small updates do not generate the same reward as significant pull requests.

While the window of three months guarantees fairness, it also means that payouts to contributors are spread over multiple weeks. In some cases, the reward for a single commit may be paid out in increments over the duration of three months.

By leveraging this intelligent commit evaluation and dynamic payout system, GitPaid enables contributors to receive fair compensation for their valuable contributions, ensuring a sustainable and incentivised open-source ecosystem.

Tech stack: NextJS, Polygon, Chainlink, Solidity, Hardhat, Ethers, OpenAI

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Manaz P Ray : Frontend / Blockchain Dev