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  • Evaa Protocol
    Evaa Dev Rel  ·  Updated 283 days ago
    Evaa - the first decentralized lending protocol built on the TON blockchain. It aims to provide a secure and transparent way for TON users to lend and borrow cryptocurrency without intermediaries. Liquidity is provided to the market by depositors in order to earn passive income, whereas borrowers are able to obtain overcollateralized loans. The ecosystem urgently needs DeFi tools like lending which will allow users to lend, borrow, trade, earn and the central part - bring and keep liquidity on TON which is a huge problem at this moment Attract and keep Liquidity on TON Boost DeFI - Expand TON use cases Leverage Telegram users (TWA) Provide decentralized margin trading on TON On the final submission date, we were able to implement the main functionality on the testnet: Supply multiple assets - earn interest Borrow assets - collateralized by supplies Repay your borrows and interest Withdraw your assets Connect wallet Interact with the protocol using the friendly and convenient UI EVAA is built according to the TON development convention and has no boundless data structures to achieve higher levels of scalability, efficiency and decentralization . The core component of the protocol is the master SC. It stores and calculates common for all users data such as protocol configuration, total supply and borrow principals, and asset variables. The master contract deploys a user SC with the first user interaction. This SC stores and calculates data that is specific to the user. All updates of user balances come through the Withdraw and Liquidate methods, and direct TON/Jettons transfer to the protocol address that serves as the Supply method. There are no “Repay” and “Borrow” methods, these actions can be carried out with “Supply” and Withdraw respectively. Isolated pools - will prevent market risks and add utility DAI like Stablecoin - will add an immense amount of liquidity and utility in the TON ecosystem itself TWA - telegram web app integration. It will help to leverage millions of telegram users into TON You can see our greater roadmap bellow
  • re:doubt [Hack-a-TONx w/ DoraHacks winner]
    MaksymDS  ·  Updated 277 days ago
    Explore, create, and share crypto data re:doubt is a powerful tool for TON blockchain research, complete with all the tools you need to discover, explore, and visualize vast amounts of blockchain data; Real-time security & operational monitoring re:doubt is a community-based security platform to prevent or mitigate smart contract exploits as they occur. The goal of re:doubt is to detect threats and other system-critical issues in real-time. By providing users with timely and useful information about the security and stability of their systems, they have an opportunity to react and take defensive action, preventing or minimizing losses and other issues.
  • AlphaPanda
    AlphaPanda_OP  ·  Updated 402 days ago
    Why did we start this? Although it seems that no matter how turbulent the market is, the NFT field has been exploding, with various products extending from the NFT field, we still see issues that the industry has not yet addressed. Alpha Info Gap Almost most of the NFT marketplace and Data Analysis tools focus only on secondary market trends, which is more of a channel for nft creators to sell nft than a way to provide information to the buy side. To get the alpha of the primary market, users can only get information by mingling in various communities or in the words of callers or spending a lot of time getting information by themselves on Twitter or NFT drop sites. Redundancy We speak a language that no one understands. You've seen various indexes and data analytics everywhere, but this kind of data is not directly linked to the potential of an NFT, and only serves to discourage more potential NFT users. Need Larger Audience Mass adoption is the future. There is no real buyer's perspective on NFT tools or markets, and most Web2 users think of NFT as Digital art collections or investment opportunities. The first impression of buying an NFT is often intriguing but complex or even obscure. Our Solution: Coverage of the latest & most complete Upcoming & Minting project, real-time mastery of Alpha information, Alpha community hype monitoring, support for multi-chains Commercializate NFTs, and simplify the NFT Analytics with key indicators, only to provide the most intuitive, the smartest data indicators, a glance to identify the quality of the project 1 Click Alert to Calender & 1 Click Buy With Fiat currency for all Upcoming and Minting NFT On top of this extension of Web3social, Investment DAO, etc.
  • Nujan IDE
    Rahul Yadav  ·  Updated 393 days ago
    Let’s be real - It’s not easy to get started on TON. Users have to go through the entire doc, multiple downloads, configuration, setups, and information gathering . Things are often scattered and difficult to find. It took hours if you get stuck somewhere before writing your first smart contract on TON. TON is an entirely new blockchain for most developers - with its unique language FunC. we have conducted a survey of 30 developers and collected their pain points - Documentation is difficult to understand Hardware & OS compatibility Complex setup Code sharing Deployment issue (writing test cases, interacting with smart contracts) Collaboration Debugging   Nujan is a web browser-based IDE (better remix for TON). Nujan is designed to write, test, compile, deploy, and interact with your smart contract. A developer can write a smart contract from anywhere, on any device without any setup, configuration, or download. Our user-friendly interface, fast compiler, and sharing feature make the process of contract deployment simple, fast, and accessible for all users. Onboarded 45+ developers and trained them to write their first program with the TON.   Login via TON wallets : Supports multiple TON wallets to log in with ease. Code Editor : To write and edit your code easily and effortlessly. Syntax highlighter : To highlight your code and display errors. File manager : Handling and management of the project files are smooth and efficient Compiler : Code is compiled in the browser using web assembly which will accelerate the compiling in the browser Writing test cases : To write and run test cases on web so that we can minimize contract bugs. Deploy : Easy one-click deployment using Nujan IDE Interaction with the contract : You can update the state and call-getter method with our easy-to-use contract interaction UI. Code sharing : Share your code with other developers to get instant feedback to enhance your project and embed it on any website. Project clone : Clone public project to avoid duplication of efforts. Sync code to the server : Helps to save your project safely in the clouds, makes it accessible from any device.   TypeScript, Next Js, TON libraries, FunC, Monaco editor, MongoDB, Tree Sitter   Improving UI/UX Verify code directly from Nujan Code Autocompletion Real-time collaboration Static analysis Debugging Download and import the project Git support Pre-built templates for most used code - like NFT marketplace Bounty platform - Micro task-based module to incentivize developers to learn FunC
  • Tsunami Exchange
    execc  ·  Updated 384 days ago
    Welcome to Tsunami Exchange - place where your trading experience has no limits! 👉 Testnet v1 is now LIVE! Try it in Telegram App or Web App 👈 Trade everything! The decentralized Tsunami protocol combines the power of dynamic vAMM and stablecoin omnivault allows you to go beyond Crypto and trade a variety of assets such as Commodities, Stock or Forex on the TON blockchain without KYC and third party custody. Leveraging the power of the TON blockchain, it offers low transaction fees, and high transaction speed. With omnivault, traders are getting very high liquidity, as the Tsunami protocol efficiently allocates the liquidity provider funds across all pairs to ensure the lowest price impact ever seen on TON. Tsunami offers unlimited trading opportunities: A extensive set of tools for traders to manage their positions through hybrid fully on-chain AMM / order book approach; High market liquidity due to omnivault liquidity provision mechanics ; Dynamic pricing is supported by real-time Oracle architecture and an aggregate of price from leading by trading volume exchanges; Trustless and secure ownership of funds allocated to LPs and trading positions, through an open-source platform and smart-contract auditing; Providing full API , for the delivery of automated trading systems. Feel the evolution of futures trading! Inspired by the GMX model, Tsunami is an improved version of it, providing users with a better DeFi experience: Low slippage margin trading with Leverage up to x100 ; USD(S) - stablecoin margined positions; Isolated margin; Gamification with NFT avatars, trading tournaments and progress tracking; Passive earnings in the form of staking and liquidity provision ; Decentralization, ensuring transparency of all transactions and smart contracts. Use Telegram for trading! The era of digital technology development provides a lot of opportunities that are being introduced into modern human life. Keeping up with the times and analyzing the trends, our team came to the conclusion that the main community of traders and users of blockchain TON exists in Telegram. That's why our team is developing a Telegram Web App (TWA) for trading on Tsunami Exchange in addition to the usual website. The Telegram Web App doesn't need App Store and Play Market validation and has no risk to be banned. With the potential for Telegram to natively integrate TON Wallet, we hope that Tsunami will become the most used perpetual futures exchange in the world. This way, Tsunami is leveraging Telegram wallet integration to become the first DEX to get real mass adoption among many crypto communities around the world, taking advantage of the Telegram app's large user base and intuitive interface. Turn trading into a game! When we were kids, we all wanted to get paid for playing games. Based on users' motivation through the elements of gaming process, our team makes trading not only convenient, but also fun. Expect trader tournaments on every trading pair, win NFT artifacts, earn rewards and turn trading into a pleasure together with Tsunami Exchange. Trade anything with the Tsunami on the TON blockchain. Leverage the power of DeFi and experience the limitless possibilities of the Tsunami Protocol. How to? Tsunami web application [for mobile and PC] Follow this link to open the app; Connect your TON testnet wallet ; Use Faucet tab to get 1000 test USDC for trading; Use Faucet Telegram bot to get some TON tokens for the fees; Test everything along the way - opening new positions, adding and removing margin, trying different leverage sizes, and of course do not forget about the profit! How to? Tsunami Telegram application [for mobile only] Telegram trading application has been created to make your trading as simple as possible. It's the same trading app as web version, but without leaving Telegram. So first open the Telegram app; Open Tsunami trading bot and click /start button; Connect your TON testnet wallet ; Use Faucet tab to get 1000 test USDC for trading as well as use Faucet Telegram bot to get some TON tokens for the fees; Test everything along the way - your trading app is always with you! Please pay attention that Tsunami is in the testing stage, so you need to connect your testnet wallet. Let's look at one of examples of how you can create a TON testnet wallet: Install the TonKeeper app on your device where you are going to trade; Go to the settings and scroll down; Click on the TonKeeper symbol several times to open a Dev Menu ; Change the network from mainnet to testnet ; Create your testnet wallet using simple steps in the app; Perfect. You are a star! Hackathon limitations Oracle is centralized, will need to add ability to decentralization; Order Book is not implemented (but is researched), only Market Orders; Liquidity is stored in market contracts, no Vault yet; Fee sharing between LP and yield token staking is not implemented. Welcome to our community! Telegram chat | News channel Project repositories Oracle : https://github.com/Tsunami-Exchange/ton-tsunami-oracle This repository contains code for the Oracle on the Tsunami Exchange, which is used to provide pricing and liquidity information for the exchange. Indexer : https://github.com/Tsunami-Exchange/ton-tsunami-indexer This repository contains code for the Indexer on the Tsunami Exchange, which is used to track and store trading information. UI : https://github.com/Tsunami-Exchange/ton-tsunami-ui This repository contains code for the User Interface Telegram App of the Tsunami Exchange, which provides a user-friendly experience for traders. Bot_Telegram : https://github.com/Tsunami-Exchange/bot-telegram-hack/ This repository contains a bot for the Telegram that was built for the Tsunami Exchange. The bot provides users with up-to-date information and trading functionality on the exchange. Smart contracts : https://github.com/Tsunami-Exchange/ton-tsunami-contracts This repository contains the smart contracts for the Tsunami Exchange, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the TON blockchain.
  • TonEase
    johna2n  ·  Updated 402 days ago
    TonEase - the versatile web application that simplifies your payment process! TonEase is a powerful tool that empowers users to easily create instant batch payments, specific date payments, and recurring payments. Whether you need to pay wages, disburse tokens, or issue invoices, TonEase makes the process quick, efficient, and hassle-free. With its user-friendly interface, TonEase is designed to meet the needs of businesses, freelancers, and individuals alike. Additionally, TonEase can be used on web browsers and Telegram as a TWA, providing convenience and accessibility. In traditional payment systems, both the sender and the recipient are vulnerable to scams, as there is no mechanism to ensure that payments are made securely and on schedule. This can create mistrust and inefficiencies, leading to delays and potential financial losses. To address these challenges, TonEase has developed a transparent payment solution that provides users complete visibility into their payments. By leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technology, TonEase ensures that payment amounts are kept in a secure and immutable ledger while the rules for payment are coded into the system. This provides both the sender and recipient with a safe and reliable payment process, free from the risk of scams or delays. Create one-time payments: users can send tokens to multiple recipients immediately or on a scheduled date. Create recurring payments: users can send tokens to multiple recipients while retaining complete control over how and when the tokens are accessed. By setting a start date, user privileges, and configuring parameters such as the maximum number of unlocks, unlocked amount per time, unlock frequency, and prepaid amount, the sender can tailor the payment process to their specific needs. Send / Receive invoices: allows users to create invoices with multiple items and enables clients to pay or adjust the invoice status. Manage address books and support address groups. Works on web browsers, mobile devices, and Telegram as a TWA . Javascript FunC TypeScript React 18 NextJS 12.1 Ton Core Ton Crypto FunC JS: to compile smart contracts to file .cell. Sandbox & Test Utils: for testing purposes. Ton Access: to provide access to API endpoints of TON testnet or mainnet. Ton Connect 2.0: to integrate with TON wallets. TWA Dev SDK: to support this dApp working as a TWA. Charka UI Components: to develop UI/UX. Our main smart contract is TonEease. It borrows ideas of the TON Payment Channel and TON Subscription , but it is very different in implementation. This workflow demonstrates how smart contracts are deployed to facilitate one-time and recurring payments on a scheduled date. This application is already functional on Mainnet but does not yet support Jetton tokens. As a result, some features are being prioritized to enable full compatibility with Jetton tokens. These features include using Jetton tokens for all payment types , support for recurring payments on invoices , and the option to export invoices from any payment . These updates will enhance TonEase's functionality and provide users with greater flexibility and convenience in their payment processes. Other features will be community-oriented and free forever. Developing a functional application on TON can be challenging, requiring extensive knowledge and technical expertise. Nevertheless, with dedication and support from the TON community, TonEase has successfully developed a fully functional application on Mainnet. We are grateful for the valuable resources provided by the community, including tutorials and open-source projects, which have contributed significantly to our product. We hope that TonEase can contribute to the TON ecosystem and help advance the community.
  • Tonic Lounge (feat. Tonic Wallet)
    jhaitchj  ·  Updated 393 days ago
    ﹒Tonic Lounge and Tonic Wallet enable users to store their identity on TON and utilize it to gain exclusive membership to Telegram chatroom communities ﹒Tonic Lounge will give practical use cases of TON Jettons/NFT/SBT by providing 1) token-gated Telegram chatrooms where users have to verify their wallet balance to gain access, and 2) convenient minting of NFT/SBT (”Lounge Pass”) for your community to use for these exclusive chatrooms. ﹒Tonic Wallet is a user-friendly TON wallet supporting unique features such as multi-accounts, NFTs, and SBTs, thereby being the most compatible wallet for Tonic Lounge ﹒Tonic Lounge aims to attract not only cryptonative users, but also general Telegram users who want to build and find exclusive communities that resonate with their identity. ﹒It is in human nature for us to be inclined to form and belong to communities, because we like to get along with people we can associate with, in order to reaffirm and further develop our identities. And for such communities to thrive, it is beneficial to ensure the group is truly made up of people with common interest, experience, goal, or values. ﹒In the case of modern online communities, it is a challenge to precisely categorize and organize members. There needs a mean to trustlessly and objectively verify members on whether they possess similar level of interest, contribution, and motives. And it needs to be done as anonymously and conveniently as possible. ﹒If users store their identity on TON through tokens and wallets, and utilize it to build and find communities, it can be the solution for securing anonymity and exclusivity in communities. DID through tokens have been a core feature of blockchain, though it has yet to be fully explored on TON. ﹒Tonic Lounge is a social platform that provides a DID solution to communities in better discovering, verifying, and curating their members, through the following core features: Lounge - Exclusive Telegram group or channel only accessible when satisfying certain Jetton or NFT/SBT balances on the user's wallet. Lounge Pass - NFT or SBT that can be minted and claimable for whitelisted ad dresses that are then used as key in creating a new Lounge Lounge will allow users to easily find exclusive communities with people of common interest, experience, or values through tokens stored on their TON wallet. Lounge Pass will allow users to create new communities through their newly minted Passes. ﹒To exemplify how Tonic Lounge can empower your identity by allowing you to create or find your community through Jettons/NFT/SBTs, 5 lounges have been made for our MVP. ﹒User’s Tonic Wallet balances are checked if they satisfy the conditions to join these lounges. ﹒These Lounges were carefully chosen for this Demo to show Tonic Lounge’s wide potential use cases and greater implications in strengthening community engagement as well as SBT/NFT utility within the TON ecosystem. Web 2.5 mass adoption Tonic Lounge’s easy and intuitive service flow seamlessly provides in real-life benefits of Web3 (TON) to Telegram communities that want exclusivity, whether crypto-native or not Eg) Pre/Post IRL event guestlist: Event organizers can 1) mint Lounge Pass for their guests which would act as a guestlist for IRL events, and 2) create exclusive chatrooms for the guests which can be used pre/post event to discuss about the event Eg) Employee discussion board: companies can mint Lounge Pass for t heir staffs to join firm-exclusive chat rooms where they can discuss about their work Better understanding of TON users Tonic Lounge segregates TON users by Lounges with certain characteristics and each Lounge member would be bonded by similar traits, interests, and passion Eg) Marketing hub: commercial brands can use Tonic Lounge as a marketing hub - a data-analytics to understand their target consumer better and a venue to target their ads Greater Jetton/NFT/SBT Utility Tonic Lounge adds direct utility and value to all TON Jettons/NFT/SBT as membership passes to Telegram communities Eg) Subscription: paid-subscription content such as Patreon or alpha information channels would be possible Increased DAO activities Tonic Lounge increases awareness, engagement, and action of DAO governance as discussion and voting of token holders can be taken place conveniently on Telegram Eg) DAO governance: a snapshot or  Ton.Vote  type of voting structure built within the chat Increased NFT transactions Tonic Lounge can act as a social marketplace or OTC channel for users to bid/offer/trade certain NFTs and Jettons and therefore increase TON NFT trading volumes Eg) NFT Launchpad: creators can mint NFTs from Tonic Lounge for members and fans directly and easily to curate and engage their community Below roadmap is based on our anticipation of demands from the markets and is subject to change depending on response from users and partners.
  • Punk City
    TheSmartnik  ·  Updated 400 days ago
    Intro Punk City is a Play-2-Earn metaverse that allows users to participate P2P TON matches, play mini games to win valuable NFTs from our partner projects and much more. Key Features Each user has a custodial wallet that is used for P2P matches and other inner purchases There are three kinds of P2P games: free, ton, praxis. Ton games are smart-contract based Praxis is a inner-game currency that can be exchanged for experience or by stacking a TON Punk NFT Praxis can be later used to purchase partner NFTs, community created products or other things. For example, animate Ton Punk NFT (other) , create a Neuropunk (community) or purchase ZEYA NFT membership card (partner) Every few of months we add a minigame and a tournament between users. For example: Mutant Toadz doodle jump, Zeya space shooter Key Metrics More than 1k deployed custodial wallets More than 8k TON matches that used around 70TON in gas fees More than 17k blockchain transactions (including p2p matches) Around 27k TON were used in P2P matches What's Next Unity UI for P2P matches More weapons to improve game play experience More P2P mini-games that will use token
  • Genlock
    Art.  ·  Updated 397 days ago
    Genlock is a web service that harnesses the power of Generative AI to generate unique game assets and provide them as NFTs. Genlock is a service that helps game developers create high-quality games faster, cheaper, and more engagingly than traditional methods. They do this by using generative AI and blockchain-based NFTs. With Genlock, game developers can easily bring their ideas to life and create NFT collections without needing specialized knowledge. By utilizing blockchain-based NFTs, game developers can improve the player experience and generate new revenue streams. Genlock is at the forefront of the gaming industry's evolution and offers innovative technology to make game development easier and more diverse. 1️⃣ Upload images of existing gaming assets 2️⃣ Our service will train GenAI model 3️⃣ Our service will deploy NFT collection in Ton 4️⃣ Our service will provide you API for generating and minting new NFTs ✅ Deploy NFT collection in few clicks ✅ Generate and mint NFTs by calling one API function ✅ Extending your users experience with GenAI ✅ Find new ways to monetize your game At the hackathon, we created a MVP of our service. Currently, our service is capable of receiving multiple images, training a model, deploying a collection into Ton blockchain, and providing an API for generating NFTs using GenAI technology. Additionally, we have deployed a showcase application that demonstrates the capabilities of Genlock. This mini-game employs NFTs as game assets and use Genlock to create and mint new NFTs. We've deployed only a showcase with a mini-game that uses Genlock. Because the service itself requires expensive GPUs to train the models. But you can see how the service works in the video presentation and code on the github. You can play with the showcase here . Video demo of showcase . Video with slides . Genlock - we can change the game
  • 1ton
    e24016611  ·  Updated 393 days ago
    1TON Finance provides customized financial solutions for creators who thrive in the creator economy. By combining the permissionless and transparent key features of crypto/blockchain technology with the finest creators' platform of web2, 1TON Finance is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of creators. The platform leverages data gathered through on-chain data, and web2 creators' platforms to form new metrics that are essential for assessing creators' financial standing and creditworthiness in the modern age. With our approach, 1TON Finance has the potential to provide valuable financial services to creators who have been traditionally underserved by the banking industry. Full details in our Gitbook: https://1ton.gitbook.io/1ton/