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Updated 89 days ago
The Best NFT Alpha Hub | Always One Step Ahead & Smarter

Why did we start this?

Although it seems that no matter how turbulent the market is, the NFT field has been exploding, with various products extending from the NFT field, we still see issues that the industry has not yet addressed.

Alpha Info Gap Almost most of the NFT marketplace and Data Analysis tools focus only on secondary market trends, which is more of a channel for nft creators to sell nft than a way to provide information to the buy side. To get the alpha of the primary market, users can only get information by mingling in various communities or in the words of callers or spending a lot of time getting information by themselves on Twitter or NFT drop sites.

Redundancy We speak a language that no one understands. You've seen various indexes and data analytics everywhere, but this kind of data is not directly linked to the potential of an NFT, and only serves to discourage more potential NFT users.

Need Larger Audience Mass adoption is the future. There is no real buyer's perspective on NFT tools or markets, and most Web2 users think of NFT as Digital art collections or investment opportunities. The first impression of buying an NFT is often intriguing but complex or even obscure.

Our Solution:

  1. Coverage of the latest & most complete Upcoming & Minting project, real-time mastery of Alpha information, Alpha community hype monitoring, support for multi-chains
  2. Commercializate NFTs, and simplify the NFT Analytics with key indicators, only to provide the most intuitive, the smartest data indicators, a glance to identify the quality of the project
  3. 1 Click Alert to Calender & 1 Click Buy With Fiat currency for all Upcoming and Minting NFT
  4. On top of this extension of Web3social, Investment DAO, etc.
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