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Tonic Lounge (feat. Tonic Wallet)
  • Crypto / Web3
Updated 80 days ago
NFT · Social
Build and Find Your Token Gated Telegram Community with Tonic Lounge and Tonic Wallet



﹒Tonic Lounge and Tonic Wallet enable users to store their identity on TON and utilize it to gain exclusive membership to Telegram chatroom communities

﹒Tonic Lounge will give practical use cases of TON Jettons/NFT/SBT by providing 1) token-gated Telegram chatrooms where users have to verify their wallet balance to gain access, and 2) convenient minting of NFT/SBT (”Lounge Pass”) for your community to use for these exclusive chatrooms.

﹒Tonic Wallet is a user-friendly TON wallet supporting unique features such as multi-accounts, NFTs, and SBTs, thereby being the most compatible wallet for Tonic Lounge

﹒Tonic Lounge aims to attract not only cryptonative users, but also general Telegram users who want to build and find exclusive communities that resonate with their identity.


﹒It is in human nature for us to be inclined to form and belong to communities, because we like to get along with people we can associate with, in order to reaffirm and further develop our identities. And for such communities to thrive, it is beneficial to ensure the group is truly made up of people with common interest, experience, goal, or values.

﹒In the case of modern online communities, it is a challenge to precisely categorize and organize members. There needs a mean to trustlessly and objectively verify members on whether they possess similar level of interest, contribution, and motives. And it needs to be done as anonymously and conveniently as possible.


﹒If users store their identity on TON through tokens and wallets, and utilize it to build and find communities, it can be the solution for securing anonymity and exclusivity in communities. DID through tokens have been a core feature of blockchain, though it has yet to be fully explored on TON.

﹒Tonic Lounge is a social platform that provides a DID solution to communities in better discovering, verifying, and curating their members, through the following core features:

  1. Lounge - Exclusive Telegram group or channel only accessible when satisfying certain Jetton or NFT/SBT balances on the user's wallet.
  2. Lounge Pass - NFT or SBT that can be minted and claimable for whitelisted ad dresses that are then used as key in creating a new Lounge
  3. Lounge will allow users to easily find exclusive communities with people of common interest, experience, or values through tokens stored on their TON wallet. Lounge Pass will allow users to create new communities through their newly minted Passes.

Use Case

﹒To exemplify how Tonic Lounge can empower your identity by allowing you to create or find your community through Jettons/NFT/SBTs, 5 lounges have been made for our MVP.

﹒User’s Tonic Wallet balances are checked if they satisfy the conditions to join these lounges.

﹒These Lounges were carefully chosen for this Demo to show Tonic Lounge’s wide potential use cases and greater implications in strengthening community engagement as well as SBT/NFT utility within the TON ecosystem.


Impact to Ton

  1. Web 2.5 mass adoption
    • Tonic Lounge’s easy and intuitive service flow seamlessly provides in real-life benefits of Web3 (TON) to Telegram communities that want exclusivity, whether crypto-native or not
    • Eg) Pre/Post IRL event guestlist: Event organizers can 1) mint Lounge Pass for their guests which would act as a guestlist for IRL events, and 2) create exclusive chatrooms for the guests which can be used pre/post event to discuss about the event
    • Eg) Employee discussion board: companies can mint Lounge Pass for t heir staffs to join firm-exclusive chat rooms where they can discuss about their work
  2. Better understanding of TON users
    • Tonic Lounge segregates TON users by Lounges with certain characteristics and each Lounge member would be bonded by similar traits, interests, and passion
    • Eg) Marketing hub: commercial brands can use Tonic Lounge as a marketing hub - a data-analytics to understand their target consumer better and a venue to target their ads
  3. Greater Jetton/NFT/SBT Utility
    • Tonic Lounge adds direct utility and value to all TON Jettons/NFT/SBT as membership passes to Telegram communities
    • Eg) Subscription: paid-subscription content such as Patreon or alpha information channels would be possible
  4. Increased DAO activities
    • Tonic Lounge increases awareness, engagement, and action of DAO governance as discussion and voting of token holders can be taken place conveniently on Telegram
    • Eg) DAO governance: a snapshot or Ton.Vote type of voting structure built within the chat
  5. Increased NFT transactions
    • Tonic Lounge can act as a social marketplace or OTC channel for users to bid/offer/trade certain NFTs and Jettons and therefore increase TON NFT trading volumes
    • Eg) NFT Launchpad: creators can mint NFTs from Tonic Lounge for members and fans directly and easily to curate and engage their community


Below roadmap is based on our anticipation of demands from the markets and is subject to change depending on response from users and partners. roadmap.png

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