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Tsunami - Trade Everything on TON including Crypto, Stock, Commodities & Forex!

Welcome to Tsunami Exchange - place where your trading experience has no limits!

馃憠 Testnet v1 is now LIVE! Try it in Telegram App or Web App 馃憟


Trade everything! The decentralized Tsunami protocol combines the power of dynamic vAMM and stablecoin omnivault allows you to go beyond Crypto and trade a variety of assets such as Commodities, Stock or Forex on the TON blockchain without KYC and third party custody. Leveraging the power of the TON blockchain, it offers low transaction fees, and high transaction speed. With omnivault, traders are getting very high liquidity, as the Tsunami protocol efficiently allocates the liquidity provider funds across all pairs to ensure the lowest price impact ever seen on TON. Tsunami offers unlimited trading opportunities:

  • A extensive set of tools for traders to manage their positions through hybrid fully on-chain AMM / order book approach;
  • High market liquidity due to omnivault liquidity provision mechanics;
  • Dynamic pricing is supported by real-time Oracle architecture and an aggregate of price from leading by trading volume exchanges;
  • Trustless and secure ownership of funds allocated to LPs and trading positions, through an open-source platform and smart-contract auditing;
  • Providing full API, for the delivery of automated trading systems.


Feel the evolution of futures trading! Inspired by the GMX model, Tsunami is an improved version of it, providing users with a better DeFi experience:

  • Low slippage margin trading with Leverage up to x100;
  • USD(S) - stablecoin margined positions;
  • Isolated margin;
  • Gamification with NFT avatars, trading tournaments and progress tracking;
  • Passive earnings in the form of staking and liquidity provision;
  • Decentralization, ensuring transparency of all transactions and smart contracts.


Use Telegram for trading! The era of digital technology development provides a lot of opportunities that are being introduced into modern human life. Keeping up with the times and analyzing the trends, our team came to the conclusion that the main community of traders and users of blockchain TON exists in Telegram. That's why our team is developing a Telegram Web App (TWA) for trading on Tsunami Exchange in addition to the usual website.

The Telegram Web App doesn't need App Store and Play Market validation and has no risk to be banned. With the potential for Telegram to natively integrate TON Wallet, we hope that Tsunami will become the most used perpetual futures exchange in the world.

This way, Tsunami is leveraging Telegram wallet integration to become the first DEX to get real mass adoption among many crypto communities around the world, taking advantage of the Telegram app's large user base and intuitive interface.

Turn trading into a game! When we were kids, we all wanted to get paid for playing games. Based on users' motivation through the elements of gaming process, our team makes trading not only convenient, but also fun. Expect trader tournaments on every trading pair, win NFT artifacts, earn rewards and turn trading into a pleasure together with Tsunami Exchange.


Trade anything with the Tsunami on the TON blockchain. Leverage the power of DeFi and experience the limitless possibilities of the Tsunami Protocol.

How to? Tsunami web application [for mobile and PC]

  1. Follow this link to open the app;
  2. Connect your TON testnet wallet;
  3. Use Faucet tab to get 1000 test USDC for trading;
  4. Use Faucet Telegram bot to get some TON tokens for the fees;
  5. Test everything along the way - opening new positions, adding and removing margin, trying different leverage sizes, and of course do not forget about the profit!

How to? Tsunami Telegram application [for mobile only]

  1. Telegram trading application has been created to make your trading as simple as possible. It's the same trading app as web version, but without leaving Telegram. So first open the Telegram app;
  2. Open Tsunami trading bot and click /start button;
  3. Connect your TON testnet wallet;
  4. Use Faucet tab to get 1000 test USDC for trading as well as use Faucet Telegram bot to get some TON tokens for the fees;
  5. Test everything along the way - your trading app is always with you!

Please pay attention that Tsunami is in the testing stage, so you need to connect your testnet wallet.

Let's look at one of examples of how you can create a TON testnet wallet:

  1. Install the TonKeeper app on your device where you are going to trade;
  2. Go to the settings and scroll down;
  3. Click on the TonKeeper symbol several times to open a Dev Menu;
  4. Change the network from mainnet to testnet;
  5. Create your testnet wallet using simple steps in the app;
  6. Perfect. You are a star!

Hackathon limitations

  1. Oracle is centralized, will need to add ability to decentralization;
  2. Order Book is not implemented (but is researched), only Market Orders;
  3. Liquidity is stored in market contracts, no Vault yet;
  4. Fee sharing between LP and yield token staking is not implemented.

Welcome to our community!

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Project repositories


This repository contains code for the Oracle on the Tsunami Exchange, which is used to provide pricing and liquidity information for the exchange.


This repository contains code for the Indexer on the Tsunami Exchange, which is used to track and store trading information.


This repository contains code for the User Interface Telegram App of the Tsunami Exchange, which provides a user-friendly experience for traders.


This repository contains a bot for the Telegram that was built for the Tsunami Exchange. The bot provides users with up-to-date information and trading functionality on the exchange.

Smart contracts:

This repository contains the smart contracts for the Tsunami Exchange, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the TON blockchain.

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