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Streamline your payments with TonEase - the all-in-one solution for batch, date-specific, and recurring payments.


TonEase - the versatile web application that simplifies your payment process! TonEase is a powerful tool that empowers users to easily create instant batch payments, specific date payments, and recurring payments. Whether you need to pay wages, disburse tokens, or issue invoices, TonEase makes the process quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

With its user-friendly interface, TonEase is designed to meet the needs of businesses, freelancers, and individuals alike. Additionally, TonEase can be used on web browsers and Telegram as a TWA, providing convenience and accessibility.

Problem Statement

In traditional payment systems, both the sender and the recipient are vulnerable to scams, as there is no mechanism to ensure that payments are made securely and on schedule. This can create mistrust and inefficiencies, leading to delays and potential financial losses.

To address these challenges, TonEase has developed a transparent payment solution that provides users complete visibility into their payments. By leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technology, TonEase ensures that payment amounts are kept in a secure and immutable ledger while the rules for payment are coded into the system. This provides both the sender and recipient with a safe and reliable payment process, free from the risk of scams or delays.

Main features

  • Create one-time payments: users can send tokens to multiple recipients immediately or on a scheduled date.
  • Create recurring payments: users can send tokens to multiple recipients while retaining complete control over how and when the tokens are accessed. By setting a start date, user privileges, and configuring parameters such as the maximum number of unlocks, unlocked amount per time, unlock frequency, and prepaid amount, the sender can tailor the payment process to their specific needs.
  • Send / Receive invoices: allows users to create invoices with multiple items and enables clients to pay or adjust the invoice status.
  • Manage address books and support address groups.
  • Works on web browsers, mobile devices, and Telegram as a TWA.

Technologies used

Programming languages

  • Javascript
  • FunC
  • TypeScript


  • React 18
  • NextJS 12.1


  • Ton Core
  • Ton Crypto
  • FunC JS: to compile smart contracts to file .cell.
  • Sandbox & Test Utils: for testing purposes.
  • Ton Access: to provide access to API endpoints of TON testnet or mainnet.
  • Ton Connect 2.0: to integrate with TON wallets.
  • TWA Dev SDK: to support this dApp working as a TWA.
  • Charka UI Components: to develop UI/UX.

Smart contract

Our main smart contract is TonEease. It borrows ideas of the TON Payment Channel and TON Subscription, but it is very different in implementation.

This workflow demonstrates how smart contracts are deployed to facilitate one-time and recurring payments on a scheduled date.


Future Developments

This application is already functional on Mainnet but does not yet support Jetton tokens. As a result, some features are being prioritized to enable full compatibility with Jetton tokens.

These features include using Jetton tokens for all payment types, support for recurring payments on invoices, and the option to export invoices from any payment. These updates will enhance TonEase's functionality and provide users with greater flexibility and convenience in their payment processes.

Other features will be community-oriented and free forever.


Developing a functional application on TON can be challenging, requiring extensive knowledge and technical expertise. Nevertheless, with dedication and support from the TON community, TonEase has successfully developed a fully functional application on Mainnet.

We are grateful for the valuable resources provided by the community, including tutorials and open-source projects, which have contributed significantly to our product.

We hope that TonEase can contribute to the TON ecosystem and help advance the community.

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