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Punk City
  • Crypto / Web3
Updated 87 days ago
GameFi · Metaverse
A metaverse of Play-2-Earn games in telegram


Punk City is a Play-2-Earn metaverse that allows users to participate P2P TON matches, play mini games to win valuable NFTs from our partner projects and much more.

Key Features

  • Each user has a custodial wallet that is used for P2P matches and other inner purchases
  • There are three kinds of P2P games: free, ton, praxis.
  • Ton games are smart-contract based
  • Praxis is a inner-game currency that can be exchanged for experience or by stacking a TON Punk NFT
  • Praxis can be later used to purchase partner NFTs, community created products or other things. For example, animate Ton Punk NFT (other), create a Neuropunk (community) or purchase ZEYA NFT membership card (partner)
  • Every few of months we add a minigame and a tournament between users. For example: Mutant Toadz doodle jump, Zeya space shooter

Key Metrics - More than 1k deployed custodial wallets - More than 8k TON matches that used around 70TON in gas fees - More than 17k blockchain transactions (including p2p matches) - Around 27k TON were used in P2P matches

What's Next

  • Unity UI for P2P matches
  • More weapons to improve game play experience
  • More P2P mini-games that will use token
  • Grant Participation
  • Hackathon Participation
  • Contribution History
  • Upvote History