Track 1: Leverage EVM Extensions on the Evmos Testnet (Higher incentive)

Evmos would like to invite developers to build and submit dApps that leverage the EVM Extensions launched onto our Testnet. Our stateful precompiles called EVM Extensions represent the next frontier for Evmos and bring the cross-chain vision closer to fruition. Evmos encourages all developers to take advantage of these novel implementations and generate new possibilities with their intuitive and exciting solutions.

To participate in the EVM Extensions Track, your project must be built using the EVM Extensions on Evmos's Testnet. (More detail on EVM Precompiles will come out before launch).

Track 2: Buidl on Evmos: Infrastructure & Tooling

Are you ready to take on the challenge of building solutions that make building on Evmos a seamless and secure experience? For the Infrastructure and Tooling track, Evmos is looking for participants who can create tools that enhance security, simplify debugging, improve testing, and optimize the developer experience. Evmos is calling on all developers who are passionate about cross-chain innovation and want to contribute to a stronger and more robust Evmos ecosystem.

An Idea: Construct a webapp featuring friendly UI/UX to create all Cosmos and EVMOS supported governance proposals with the ability to query, validate, and upstream proposals to Commonwealth and on-chain. Another idea includes

Track 3: Buidl on Evmos: DeFI

For this track, Evmos invites you to rethink and redefine DeFi by developing innovative applications, tools, or platforms that push the limits of traditional finance. Your project should prioritize accessibility, usability, and inclusivity, making DeFi more accessible to the general public. Whether you're creating a new lending protocol, designing a user-friendly interface, or developing a game-changing DEX, Evmos is excited to see your unique perspective on the world of decentralized finance while leveraging the strength of Evmos.

An Idea: Display an intuitive way to visualize all approvals (token, public key signature, authz, etc.) given to various apps and ecosystems based on address and offers a way to revoke any if necessary.

Track 4: Buidl on Evmos: DAO & Community

The DAO and Community track encourages developers to build tools that increase transparency and accountability while remaining adaptable in a cross-chain ecosystem in Evmos. This track is ideal for projects that aim to create community-led decentralized organizations that can operate autonomously and transparently. Developers are encouraged to build tools and infrastructure that can enable decentralized decision-making, decentralized funding, and incentivization mechanisms to drive community participation and engagement.

Submission materials should highlight the use of Evmos and cross-chain interoperability, as well as the project's ability to promote transparency and accountability. Projects that use innovative approaches to incentivizing and engaging community participation will be highly regarded by the judges.

An Idea: A platform to pull in Commonwealth data and interactions alongside proposals with validators voting data to display how validators vote over time. Delegators can then use this information to change delegation or understand how their validators tend to vote.