Entry Requirements, Judge Criteria & Process

All submissions needs to deploy to our Evmos Testnet and incorporate these following:

  • utilize our EVM Extensions capabilities or Buidl on Evmos
  • incorporate unique use cases or implementation
  • a demo video illustrating the project in comprehensive detail
  • links to your code repository, website and socials to help judges review your submission. If the participant's website is private, the project must include login credentials in its testing instructions.
  • In the README: detail why your team went with the approaches they did
  • In the README: experience developing on Evmos
  • bonus: utilize our ecosystem partnerships/sponsorship in their dApp development (more to come with this)

Other Requirements:

Multiple Submissions

Entrants are allowed to submit more than one submission. However, each submission must be unique and substantially different from the others.

Submission Materials

All submission materials must be in English, including the demonstration video, text description, and testing instructions, as well as any other materials submitted.

Financial or Preferential Support

Projects must not have been developed with any support from the Sponsor or Administrator. The Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify a Project if awarding a prize to the Project would create a real or apparent conflict of interest.


Projects submitted to other hackathons or challenges need to be disclosed in the submission or README of the project.

Our judges will evaluate project submissions based on how the team implements their features and the uniqueness of the application. Top three projects will be awarded the prize pool.