[EVMOS] EVM Extensions Hackathon Recap & Result Announcement

Yo! The EVM Extensions Hackathon winners list has been announced! The Evmos team went through all the projects and picked out 5 that really stood out. Congrats to all the winners!

Evmos is an EVM-compatible, IBC-enabled blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem that’s designed for cross-chain dApp development. With EVM Extensions, developers can create their own business logic for connecting with other smart contracts and appchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Following this hackathon, the Evmos grant program will also be launched. Stay tuned!

Now check out the 5 winners below!

Track: Leverage EVM Extensions on the Evmos Testnet


Boosting Intrinsic Value in NFTs Through Burn-to-Withdraw and Staking


Winmos is a no loss lottery hosted on Evmos Testnet that gathers user staking rewards and picks 1 winner every 24 hours.


Stakewise is an EVMOS-native staking application that allows users to seamlessly balance their stake across validators on EVMOS based on their personalized preferences.

🥉Incentivized Delegations

Incentivizing Redelegations for Greater Network Decentralization and Security



TrustSight is a community-driven, EigenTrust-based Web3 reputation platform for crowdsourcing on-chain trust.