Welcome to Evmos’s first online hackathon with Dorahacks. The focus of these hackathons will center around our EVM Extensions.

What are EVM Extensions?

Evmos has introduced stateful precompiles called EVM Extensions, which are unique to its implementation. The ability of EVM Extensions on Evmos will unlock both blockchains and individual applications to customize and leverage the functionality of IBC and other Cosmos SDK modules. These extensions extend the EVM's capabilities beyond its original specification without compromising equivalence with Ethereum's execution layer.

With EVM Extensions, developers can create their own business logic for connecting with other smart contracts and appchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Applications are no longer limited to a single blockchain and can make smart contract calls to IBC modules to communicate with other chains, securely send and receive assets across chains, stake EVMOS tokens, and even manage accounts on other blockchains to access any functionality built elsewhere.

Prize Pool

The prize pool (98k USDT) will break down as follow:

Leveraging EVM Extensions

  • 1st: 17k USDT

  • 2nd: 13k USDT

  • 3rd: 8k USDT

Buidl on Evmos: Infrastructure & Toolings

  • 1st: 10k USDT

  • 2nd: 7k USDT

  • 3rd: 3k USDT

Buidl on Evmos: DeFi

  • 1st: 10k USDT

  • 2nd: 7k USDT

  • 3rd: 3k USDT

Buidl on Evmos: DAO & Community

  • 1st: 10k USDT

  • 2nd: 7k USDT

  • 3rd: 3k USDT

(More prize pool may come from our ecosystem sponsors, TBA)

Chat and Get Support!

Btw, don't miss out on the Idea Board tab! It's your go-to spot for valuable tips, idea sharing, team forming, advice and feedback, etc. Get inspired and inspire others as you embark on this amazing hackathon journey ✨ *You need to click "Register as a Hacker" via the above button to post.

If you have any question, you can also leave it on the Idea Board page or contact DoraHacks user support account at Telegram @dorahacksofficial.

Key Dates of the hackathon

The idea is to have the opening ceremony around Consensus in April and allow project submission starting the next week in May for 3 weeks.

  • Opening Ceremony: April 24

  • Project Submission: April 24th to June 15th (Extended)

  • Workshops: Will lead two workshops (on EVM Extensions and Getting started on Evmos) - Dates TBA

  • Judge Voting: June 16th -June 27th

  • Grand Finale: June 28th

Judge Panel

All projects will be reviewed by the Core Evmos Contributors. Ecosystem partners may also help evaluate the project submissions. After the hackathon, projects can apply for our grants program. More detail on this will be provided as we get closer to the end of the hackathon.

Sponsor/ Ecosystem/VC/Launchpad Partners

  • Evmos encourages builders to utilize our ecosystem services to create applications. The partners will add additional prizes but utilizing our ecosystem partners will increase the breath of the project.

About Evmos

Evmos is an EVM-compatible, IBC-enabled blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem that’s designed for cross-chain dApp development.

The Evmos Core Development Team is on a mission to create and ship the foundational tools necessary for building the cross-chain applications of the future.  With groundbreaking features like EVM Extensions, the Evmos SDK, and the Evmos dApp Store, Evmos gives developers the freedom to take advantage of IBC and connect their smart contracts to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

This groundbreaking technology frees developers from the confines of today’s siloed blockchains.

The future is cross-chain.