Entertainment Central

Web3 has a strong entertainment offering to push the boundaries of its innovation index. With digital media consumption finding a perfect fit globally, it has opened up several avenues for innovation and problem-solving. Take up this challenge and show us how decentralization can enrich entertainment as we know it. (More Ideas on the website)

Operation Sustainability

One of the biggest problem statements in human history is solving for sustainability in today’s world. Web3’s circular, participatory economy that is decentralized and incentivized, hosts a treasure trove of potential to make some serious strides in Sustainability! Show us how you can revolutionize sustainability-based solutions by picking one of the problem statements shared. (More Ideas on the website)

#BUIDL the Pillars of Governance

The offerings that Web3 brings through Governance as a use case is tremendous. We challenge you to be inspired by Participation, Transparency, Consensus, Equity and Inclusiveness, Effectiveness and Efficiency, and Accountability. (More Ideas on website)