1. Polygon Track

Best DeFi App built on Polygon

The onset of DeFi is changing FinTech as we know it! Identify problem statements that are plaguing the DeFi space and leverage Polygon to change the way consumers transact.

Best NFT App built on Polygon

NFTs are taking digital assets to a whole new level by opening the proverbial Web3 doors to the general public. Show us how you will revolutionise this space with the support of Polygon and win big!

Best Gaming/ Metaverse Track

Web3 is raising the stakes for incentives within gaming experiences and providing gamers with a whole new experience. Double down and show us how you can elevate gaming experiences with the help of Polygon!

Developer Toolkit + Resources

2. æternity Track

DeFi on steroids!

Explore the power of æternity core features and show the world how powerful State Channels and the native Oracle system are. Build meaningful applications around our AEX-9 Fungible Token Standard that interface with our Superhero DEX.

DAO - power to the community!

The future of society will be powered by community driven DAOs running on public blockchains. With the Governance æpp and Superhero.com we kickstarted this shift in society. These examples should inspire you to come up with a cool solution that empowers communities!

AENS & NFTs - claim, collect & trade!

The æternity naming system (AENS) is very powerful. The community deserves an AENS marketplace to trade the names and we're waiting for you to build it! You can also check out the brand new AEX-141 NFT Standard - be among the first to use it!

Developer Toolkit + Resources

3. Internet Computer Track

Blue Sky

Want to build the next-generation DeFi protocol? Or say a decentralized game that incorporates tokenization? Maybe a metaverse to sell online real estate as NFTs? Don't feel constrained by any category. Build any end-to-end application that incorporates tokenization on Internet Computer! 

*Only the projects built on Internet Computer will be eligible for this track

Developer Toolkit + Resources