BUIDL for Web3 Hackathon

We at Lumos Labs are all set to launch #Buidl for Web3 Hackathon - an initiative to push the boundaries of innovation in Web3 for all the #buidlers out there. With an expansive developer base of 60k developers and having collaborated for numerous hackathons and accelerator programmes, we aim to connect with the developer community at all levels of proficiency and scale their innovations in the Web3 ecosystem.

Thus, we are proud to launch #BUIDL for Web3, the largest global hackathon fostering developers to carve their niche in the Web3 ecosystem. The top startups of this Hackathon would be eligible to win from a grand funding pool of $100K, based on judging criterias. And, would stand to receive additional bounties from our global partners. With diverse tracks like DeFi, NFT, Entertainment, Developer Tooling and infrastructure, sustainability-based solutions, governance and DAOs, #BUIDL for Web3 is also chain-agnostic, providing an enticing environment for global developers to innovate without hindrance.


  • 1st September: Hackathon Official launch- Registration Start

  • 30th October: Registration Close

  • September & October: Build phase + Sponsor interactions

  • 7th November: Submission Deadline

  • 7th November - 13th November: Evaluation

  • 14th November - 20th November: Demo day and winner announcement

Workshop Schedule

Intro to Building on the Internet Computer

7:30pm IST, 14th Sep

Presenters: Dominic Wörner, Senior Solutions Architect, Dfinity

YouTube >

Binance Live >

Building a Full Stack dApp on Polygon

8pm IST, 16th Sep

Presenters: Rahat Chowdhury, Lead Developer Relations Engineer

YouTube >

Binance Live >

How to Build secure & privacy preserving apps using Arcana?

7pm IST, 19th Sep

Presenters: Etisha Garg, Dev Rel

YouTube >

Binance Live >

How to run peer-to-peer applications and protocols using Fluence?

7pm IST, 21st Sep

Presenters: Alexey Pyshnenko, Scala Developer

YouTube >

Binance Live >

How to Build Scalable solution using Tezos Network?

8pm IST, 23rd Sep

Presenters: Anshu Jalan, Smart Contract & Backend Engineer

YouTube >

Binance Live >

How to build Cross Chain Solution in blockchain using Router Protocol

7pm IST, 26th Sep

Presenters: Lakshika Kothari, VP

YouTube >

Binance Live >

Everything a BUIDLer needs to know about NFTs with Asset Mantle

8pm IST, 30th Sep

Presenters: Kamlesh Parikarath Marar, Core, Product Development & Growth

YouTube >

Binance Live >

Build More Than JPEGs with Revise Network 

8pm IST, 3rd Oct

Presenters: Kashi

YouTube >

Binance Live >

How to BUIDL for the Creator Community with Komet

8pm IST, 5th Oct

Presenters: Vedant Pawar, Co-founder, CTO

YouTube >

Binance Live >

How to build Web3 Solutions for scale using Aeternity?


Presenters: Marco Walz, Lead Developer Relations, æternity

YouTube >

Binance Live >

How does Tatum Framework help developers to build Web 3 Apps faster


Presenters: Sean Kahovec, Blockchain Development and Architecture

YouTube >

Binance Live >

Prize Money Breakdown

Win exciting prizes from a grand pool of US $100,000

1 - Polygon - $20,000

Best DeFi App built on Polygon

  • 1st Prize - $ 2,500
  • 2nd Prize - $ 1,500
  • 3rd Prize - $ 1,000

Best NFT App built on Polygon

  • 1st Prize - $ 2,500
  • 2nd Prize - $1,500
  • 3rd Prize - $1,000

Best Gaming/ Metaverse Track

  • 1st Prize - $ 2,500
  • 2nd Prize - $ 1,500
  • 3rd Prize -$ 1,000

Polygon Pool Prize:

  • 10 projects get $500 each

2 - æternity - $27,000

DeFi on steroids! - $ 15,000

DAO - power to the community! - $ 7,000

AENS & NFTs - claim, collect & trade! - $ 5,000

3 - Internet Computer Track - $10,000

Bluesky - $10,000

4 - Tatum - $10,000

5 - Tezos - $2,000

6 - Router Protocol$5,000

7 - Arcana Network - $5,000

8 - Fluence Network $5,000

1st Prize - $ 3,500

2nd Prize -$ 1,500

9 - Komet - $5,000

1st Prize - $ 3,500

2nd Prize -$ 1,500

10 - Assetmantle - $7,777

$ 7,777 worth $MNTL tokens

11 - Revise Network -  $5,000

12 - BuidlersTribe - $25,000

Each in convertible Grant. *Startups with traction

Project Requirements

Once a team or an individual has registered, they are required to share details of their projects as follows:

  • A presentation in the form of a PPT illustrating the entire project consisting of.
    *The Problem Statement *The Proposed Solution *The Tech Stack
  • A demo video of the project
  • A GitHub repository with all the code and a Document with instructions for the reviewer to run the program

Important: Ensure that the links you submit have open access for the reviewers to view the projects.

Judge Criteria & Process

Submissions of tracks will be judged by technical team representatives based on their technical merits as well as the likelihood of implementation.

Submissions of sponsored bounties will be judged by sponsors’ technical team with representatives appointed by the sponsors of individual bounties.

The Judging process of Main Track will be:

  • 5 finalists per sponsor track will be selected based on the aggregated results amongst the judge committee.
  • 3 prize winners per track will be selected based on the aggregated results amongst the judge committee on their live demo outcomes.

The Judging process of Associate Track will be:

  • Upto 3 prize winners per sponsor track will be selected based on the aggregated results amongst the judge committee.

In general, submissions are graded on a 1-5 scale in each of the following categories during both finalist-picking and final-demo process:

  • Originality: Does the template incorporate something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an existing problem?
  • Execution: Is the template usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?
  • Usefulness: Is the idea practical? Is it something people would actually use?
  • Learning: Did the individual or team stretch themselves and push the boundaries of learning in this space?

While all projects are technically eligible for the pool prize, judges (and judge committee of individual bounties) will have the final say on which projects qualify as finalists and winners of individual tracks and bounties of the hackathon.

About Lumos Labs

Lumos Labs, is currently building a developer-centric Metaverse to support developers who want to start their Web3 journey allowing them to earn while they learn. To further align with our objectives, we want to build innovative solutions, provide the right support of experts from leading blockchain firms and augment startups with funding and grant opportunities.

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