1. Router Protocol

Create a Cross chain Yield Aggregator using Router CrossTalk Library.

Developer Toolkit + Resources

2. Arcana Network

BUIDL Privacy Preserving Apps

Use your imagination and feel free to build any DApp that excites you! Show us how best you can leverage Arcana’s access control feature to store data and Social/Magic links to create wallets. We do not want to limit your imagination but here are some topics for your team to consider as references: Marketplaces, Games, social apps, NFT based apps.

Developer Toolkit + Resources

3. Fluence Network

Build Best tooling, API, SDK, services or patterns that makes it easier for Web3 devs to build with Fluence and Aqua. The easiest way to get started is to goswing by the developers docs and then build a small Fluence project or try one of the examples, identify tooling deficits and kick-off your hackathon project.

Developer Toolkit + Resources

4. Revise Network

Fight climate change with NFTs Climate change is a reality - and the time to act is now. The first step of action is Awareness. We rely on you to make your fellow citizens aware of it.

Create an NFT using Revise SDK and climate/weather data to showcase the impact it has on humanity.

Developer Toolkit + Resources

5. Tezos

Build a platform using which users can go long and short on Tezos-based tokens, or Tokens bridged to Tezos. The project should use https://kolibri.finance/ (for borrowing against Tez) and a Dex like PlentyDeFi.com (for trading tokens).

Developer Toolkit + Resources

6. Assetmantle

Keep Calm and NFT-ise!

NFT-based event ticketing platform, that facilitates easy NFT event ticket issuing and easy check-ins using AssetMantle blockchain and MantleWallet. The process should be abstract user friendly such that the tickets should be verifiable by scanning a QR code on mobile. A mobile application with a simple username-based SignUp mechanism would be interesting.

Developer Toolkit + Resources

7. Komet

Design a cross-chain identity aggregator for Web3

User1 can send assets to User2 by knowing their DID (It could be Vedant.Komet or KID Vedant)

More details - https://www.notion.so/Komet-f524121061264ab483f7e98f28af08a7

Developer Toolkit + Resources

8. Tatum

To build a web3 application on Tatum using Tatum Node Infrastructure and/or Software Development Kit

Developer Toolkit + Resources