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BNB Grant Round-3

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  • 585Contributors

  • 18.25 BNBCommunity contribution

  • 27.52 BNBMatching pool

All Tracks

Tracks of open funding in this round

  • DAOs / Communities

  • Metaverse/Gaming/Music/NFT

  • Frontier technology

  • Defi

  • Public Goods (Web3 Infra & Tooling)

  • Crypto Twitter & Social

  • ZK BNB

Quick Facts

  • Voting period: Apr 3rd to Apr 13th, 2023

  • Vote via DoraHacks: https://dorahacks.io/bnb/2/

  • 1 vote costs 0.01 BNB. Make sure you have a sufficient $BNB balance and gas fee in your wallet.

  • vcDORA(>0) can add weight to your votes(making 1 vote counted as more votes in the prize distribution algorithm). Voting does NOT cost any real vcDORA/DORA token. (The wallet to vote via BNB and to hold vcDORA should be the same one.)

  • Sybil attack NOT allowed and will be detected during the post-hackathon anti-sybil check, which means that using a bunch of fake accounts to vote will not give you higher ranking.

  • Better to vote on PC (Chrome). Voting via mobile may fail.

How to Vote?

1 - Vote via DoraHacks: https://dorahacks.io/bnb/2/

2 - Click “Add to cart” to choose which projects you’re voting for. A pop-up notification will appear on your wallet and ask for authorization. You should also connect Metamask in the cart.

3 - Key the amount you want to vote. 1 vote will cost 0.01 BNB. BNB cost will be sent directly to the projects you support. At the same time, the vcDORA balance will also appear in the cart.

4 - After voting, you can check the current project ranking via the leaderboard.

5 - Feel free to join the #flex-your-vote on Discord: https://discord.gg/Wxeh5XXXjq to interact and network with other voters!

vcDORA to add voting weight

In this voting round, vcDORA holders will have more voting power than usual voters. The added weight depends on the realtime vcDORA balance when the holder votes.

Added weight = Log2(vcDORA+2)(realtime vcDORA counts)

For example, if you have:
- 0 vcDORA, Added weight = log₂(0+2) = 1 vote given (so no weight added when you have 0 vcDORA)
- 6 vcDORA, Added weight = log₂(6+2) = 3 votes given
- 1022 vcDORA, Added weight = log₂(1022+2) = 10 votes given

After staking DORA and making sure you own vcDORA(>0), when your wallet is connected, you will see the vote amplifier as follow. (The wallet to vote via BNB and to hold vcDORA should be the same one.)

Why should YOU become a voter?

  • Contribute to the BNB ecosystem

  • Incentivize blockchain builders & support entrepreneurship

  • Impact the allocation of the $10,000 prize pool

Meet other multi-chain contributors at DoraHacks today: https://discord.gg/Wxeh5XXXjq

What’s next?

  1. Join us on Discord for future updates.

  2. Follow DoraHacks on Twitter and Youtube to receive DoraHacks news, new video uploads, premieres, and live streams on Hackathon workshops and project demo sessions.

Let’s level up your voting profile!

vcDORA:Dora Grant DAO voting ticket

Dora Staking: a way to participate in governance of Dora grant communities. By staking $DORA at https://dao.dorahacks.io/#/stake , a staker will receive corresponding amount of vcDORA as the governance credit on DoraHacks.io

vcDORA: short for “voice credit Dora”, a community governance credit generated by Dora staking.

vcDORA is the non-transferable voice credit for DORA community governance, and the amount of vcDORA associated with an address is related to the amount of DORA staked, the duration of staking, and time elapsed since the initial staking date.

It has following features:

  • Decaying spontaneously: during the period of staking, the amount of vcDORA one holds will be decaying linearly until the end of staking period.

  • When finished staking, check out your vcDORA balance at specific date at https://dao.dorahacks.io/#/mine

  • non-transferable: vcDORA is designed to grant the governance credit to the stakers (the staking addresses), therefore it’s exclusive (or in popular term “soul-bound”) to the staker and is not allowed to be transferred.

  • Irrevocable: Staking is not allowed to be cancelled because it’s based on interactions with a smart contract. But it’s ok to increase staking amount or to prolong the staking period to get more vcDORA.

For more information, please read vcDORA - Governance Voice Credit for Open Community Grant DAO(s) by Eric Zhang, Founder of DoraHacks.

What is Quadratic Funding? How does it work?

Quadratic Voting is a voting scheme introduced and often discussed in the Radical Markets community. It is often considered an innovative improvement of the traditional 1-person-1-vote or 1-dollar-1-vote voting schemes.

As the number of votes from 1 single voter increase, the votes will make less influence to the funds distribution. If you give N votes, the vote count in the QF contract will calculated as: n*Log2(vcDORA+2). To make it easy to understand, just remember that

1. When the voters has no enough vcDORA, 10 votes from 10 voters weigh more than 10 votes from 1 voter.

2. When the voters has >0 vcDORA, n votes will be counted as n*Log2(vcDORA+2). We know this is difficult so the voting cart will do all the calculation for you!

The votes cost $BNB, which is directly donated to the respective projects after the round. 1st vote costs 0.01 BNB, and Nth vote costs 0.01*N BNB. So what a BUIDL team can earn from a community funding grant includes:

  • BNB from the voters used to vote for a particular project;
  • Respective matching prize from the quadratic funding pool offered by the grant organizer.

*The wallet to vote via BNB and to hold vcDORA should be the same one.

The final ranking will be visible at https://dorahacks.io/bnb/2/top

Frequently Asked Questions

0. What if I encounter problems during the voting process?

DoraHacks.io provides voting support on Discord, join us here or via Telegram, join us here.

1. Can I see my voting history?

Voting history is unavailable for voters at the moment. But builders are able to view your address at the end of the hackathon.

However, if you would like to verify the validity of your votes, you are able to view your voting history via block explorer. In this case, you can verify via https://bscscan.com/.

2. Can I use bots to mass vote for some project?

Absolutely don’t do this. Botting and other ways of cheating will be detected by our anti-Sybil attack mechanism, which is why a grace period (3-5 days) is being issued for such a purpose. Please keep in mind that botting will NOT grant your supported projects any stance of superiority nor impact the prize pool distribution in your favour.

3. Who receives the $BNB I paid?

The votes (or what we call “donations”) will go directly to the projects.

4. Why can’t I vote?

Invalid voting may occur for multiple reasons, please ensure that you:

  • Own a sufficient amount of $BNB (for voting and a gas fee) in your wallet.
  • Connected to DoraHacks.io: you should be notified with a pop-up page on your wallet that asks for authorization to connect with DoraHacks. Once you authorized the action, your account number should appear in the voting interface.

If the problem still can’t be resolved, please contact us on Discord discord.gg/RFXypqtXA9.

Risk Notifications

Please note that the generated smart contracts from DoraHacks will arrange and transfer the donated fund, conduct quadratic funding algorithms, and distribute contribution funds to the projects of which the voting results in favour. The website cannot guarantee the authenticity, legality and validity of the project, though admins will contact the projects to verify the validity with their best effort. Be aware of the risks and vote rationally. DoraHacks aren’t responsible for any adverse consequences.

*Due diligence will be conducted on the eligibility of every round grantee from BNB Grant DAO. DoraHacks reserves the rights of any revocation/adjustment of the grants.

If you have any questions, please contact us on Discord. We would like to hear more from you and let’s keep in touch!