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Stake & Vote

Stake & Vote

Know the basics

Dora Staking: Dora Staking is a way to participate in governance of Dora grant communities (e.g. vote for grant DAO BUIDLs on By staking $DORA at , a staker will receive corresponding amount of vcDORA as the governance credit on

vcDORA: short for “voice credit Dora”, a community governance credit generated by Dora staking.

vcDORA is the general non-transferable voice credit for DORA community governance, and the amount of vcDORA associated with an address is related to the amount of DORA staked, the duration of staking, and time elapsed since the initial staking date.

It has following features:

  • Decaying spontaneously: during the period of staking, the amount of vcDORA one holds will be decaying linearly until the end of staking period.
  • non-transferable: vcDORA is designed to grant the governance credit to the stakers (the staking addresses), therefore it’s exclusive (or in popular term “soul-bound”) to the staker and is not allowed to be transferred.

Although in the first place, vcDORA is the voting credit for important Dora Grant Communities such as Dora Grant DAO , vcDORA is a general voice credit system that can be used broadly by any communities, DAOs and organizations that are governed by the DORA token community.

For more information, please read vcDORA - Governance Voice Credit for Open Community Grant DAO(s) by Eric Zhang, Founder of DoraHacks.

How to Vote Using vcDORA

vcDORA has multiple use cases. Usually in a voting round using vcDORA, voters need to connect their wallet to let smart contract know the vcDORA balance. Note that when vcDORA is spent for voting, the staked amount of real $DORA token is unaffected, so basically, voting itself is free, while Ethereum may charge some gas.

Here are the guidelines for currently ongoing vcDORA voting events:

Dora Grant DAO Community Voting Grant Round 1

Voting period: Oct 26 - Nov 3, 2022

Use vcDORA as Voting ticket in DoraHacks Grant DAO community voting round

In past practices, the community found out that there were some voting bots disturbing the order and fairness of the quadratic voting round. To avoid bot voting, vcDORA is designed as the voter identifier and voting ticket for some upcoming community grants. Anyone who wants to vote must get enough vcDORA via Dora Staking ( in the first place to vote for BUIDLs.

Where to get DORA token?

Find DORA at: