What is a hacker?

Hackers include skilled engineers, designers, technology practitioners, and entrepreneurs that all work together to solve the critical problems of society and enterprises.

Our vision is a future where hackers from around the world can access and collaborate to solve international problems. This is a novel and globalized way to create a web-based hacker community and an entirely new market for enterprise solutions.

Market Opportunity

Enterprises spend $1 Trillion each year on new technology adoption and talent acquisition

Enterprises across the globe need to adopt frontier technologies to improve ef´Čüciency, lower cost, and compete against competitors.

Talents with top expertise are needed globally but are usually mismatched.

Growth Potential

Number of Hackers and Developers Increases Rapidly
Growth of Open Source Porjects and Hacker Projects is Fast
Enterprises are Adopting Hacker Culture and Hosting Hackathons

Trend: Future Growth potential of Hackers


DoraHacks has recently launched their HackHub, an online platform that brings together global talent.

The Hub allows hackers to create a profile, communicate and collaborate with other hackers online from around the world, and participate in web-based hacks or competitions.







Community Partners


Enterprise Partners


Technical Partners






Hackathon Hackers


Hackers Reached

Key Achievements


First hacker community
in China

In November 2014, DoraHacks was founded at Tsinghua University as the first hacker community in China. In 2015, DoraHacks had a community of 2000+ hackers and hosted more than 50 hackathons in Beijing and Shanghai.


Largest hacker community
in China

By end of 2017, DoraHacks had more than 30 enterprise partners, 100 community partners, and organized more than 100 hackathons in China.


Most active hacker
organization in the world

By December 2018, DoraHacks' campaign reached ~300,000 hackers around the world, with more than 15,000 participating in DoraHacks Global Hackathons.



100,000 Hackers
200 Enterprise Partnerships


1 Million Hackers
1,000 Enterprise Partnerships


10 Million Hackers
10,000 Enterprise Partnerships


Jiannan Zhang

Jiannan Zhang (Eric) is the founder and CEO of DoraHacks. Jiannan founded DoraHacks in 2014 from a small hacker community in Beijing, with a vision to fundamentally change the way people innovate, work and live in the future. Jiannan grew DoraHacks into the largest hacker community across China in 2017, and one of the largest hacker organization in 2018 globally. DoraHacks built partnerships with more than 200 enterprises worldwide, beoming an important bridge between enterprises and hacker communities that help transform businesses with new technology.

Jiannan worked at Open Lab at CERN in 2013 and prepared for citizen science challenges for the reknowned volunteer computing project LHC@Home, and co-designed a popular open source game ParticleCliker He organized the CERN Webfest 2013 -- the largest hackathon event at CERN, and THacks at Tsinghua University, the first university hackathon in China.

Jiannan is also the board director of TrueChain Foundation, a top 3rd-generation public blockchain infrastructure project (in summer 2018 TrueChain's market cap reached 300M USD), a member of top business club in Beijing - Chang An Club, a donator to the largest entrepreneur environmental charity group Alxa SEE Ecological Association. Jiannan holds an MSc degree in Computer Science from University of Oxford, and Dual Bechelor's degree from University of Minnesota and Beijing Jiaotong University in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

DoraHacks Ecosystem

Global In-Person Hackathons

In addition to hosting over 100 hackathons in 8 countries and 15 cities so far, DoraHacks has been most active in China and India to date.

Global Hacker Community

A formal place where online hacker profiles and related projects can be created and viewed. Additionally, enterprise partners may use this community as a talent pool source.

Global Online Hackathons

Online hackathons break down the barriers of physical events and opens the door for anyone with an internet connection to participate in hacks and collaborate.

Global Enterprise Hub

Enterprises propose competitions and technical problems to DoraHacks and get them resolved from the HackHub community. Incentives and prizes are provided to hackers by the sponsoring enterprise.



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Digital Security Offerings

A digital security represents traditional, private security interest. All in all, a digital security is taking something that is handled on paper today and putting an electronic wrapper around it.

Benefits of DSO to Investors

  • 24/7 Markets
  • Rapid Settlements
  • Increased Liquidity
  • Increased market depth
  • Streamlined KYC/AML
  • Automated Compliance
  • Asset Interoperability
  • Increased security

DSO Offering Partners

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