XRPL Summer Hackathon | Ripple Recap and Result Announcement

The XRPL Hackathon shortlist has been released! These projects, which excelled in the Finance, Tokenization, and Hooks tracks, have been recognized for their exceptional performance. Congratulations to all the winners! They will share a $60,000 prize pool, and the champion of each track will also have the opportunity to showcase their project on the official Ripple devRel forum. Let's discover together!

Tokenization Track

🥇First Prize: BobbyBot trade

Bobbybot.trade will allow users to trade their Steam-based virtual items (popular games such as CS:GO, TF2, Rust) for TRON and XRPL currencies.

🥈Second Prize: TextRP

Secure Unified Messaging System for the XRPL that empowers users with privacy, choice of features, and access to their preferred messaging channels.

🥉Third Prize: Rakkan

Physically Autographed collectibles on XRPL

🏅Fourth Prize: Restate

Restate 1.0

🏅Fifth Prize: Optimart

NFT marketplace built on the XRP Ledger

Finance Track

🥇First Prize: EpicTask

Empowering Children with Financial Responsibility

🥈Second Prize: XummHub

XummHub: Would be an open xApp freelancers-plataform where businesses and freelancers that currently use XRP (the early adopters) can start connecting each other. | Your work, your rules, your earnings: No commissions on your success path!

🥉Third Prize: EchoBox

Enabling the voice messenger of transaction receipt for merchant and beyond

🏅Fourth Prize: XRP Money Market

This application serves as an MVP for an AAVE-style money market specifically designed for stablecoins or even CBDCs.

🏅Fifth Prize: Bill protocol

Manages invoices and payments on XRPL

Hooks Track

🥇First Prize: CLP-Helix

Concentrated Liquidity Pool on XRP Ledger

🥈Second Prize: Defi Futures

The first smart contracts based futures trading platform on the XRPL using Hooks.

🥉Third Prize: XRottery

XRottery🎰 where your Jackpot Spin Awaits! The first GameFi in XRPL using Hooks

🏅Fourth Prize: HooksHub

HooksHub 🪝 One-Click Hooks for the Everyday User

🏅Fifth Prize: VoteX

Empowering Decentralized Communities: Seamlessly Create, Govern, and Innovate with XRPL-based DAOs powered by XRPL-Hooks