Introduction / About

Ripple is teaming up with DoraHacks to launch the Summer XRPL online hackathon, taking place until August 21st. The XRPL Hackathon is all about supporting innovative projects and getting developers from diverse backgrounds to explore creative ideas and transition from centralized systems to the exciting world of blockchain.

With a prize pool of $60,000, individual projects have the chance to secure up to $10,000 in funding. For more details about funding check out the prizes. After the hackathon concludes, we strongly encourage participants to apply for our funding programs to continue their development journey and take their projects to the next level!

How to Join

Why you should build on XRPL?

XRPL is a reliable, low-cost, and carbon-neutral blockchain built for business.It boasts an impressive track record and a vibrant community full of various companies and organizations dedicated to contributing and proposing new features that enhance the Ledger. For example, ‘Hooks’ is one of those  notable community contributions developed by XRPL Labs (soon: Xaman) that expands the programmability capabilities of the ledger by introducing ways to add logic to payment flows. Participants in this hackathon are encouraged to test this technology on the test network and compete in the corresponding track.

Participants have the incredible opportunity to win prizes worth $60,000. Hackathon winners and exceptional projects will also be considered for additional programs that aim to provide further support and consolidation. Additionally, participants will have the chance to gain exposure to venture capitalists and potential additional funding opportunities.




Jun 5, 2023- August 21st, 2023(extended)

Submission period

August 22nd, 2023- September 3rd, 2023 

Review and Judging

September 4th, 2023

Announce Winners

Entry Requirements

  • All participants should have legal rights to partake as per the laws of their respective countries. A national ID may be required for KYC when claiming prizes.
  • Participants should be legally capable of receiving prize money and crypto transactions (if they win), and must take responsibility for any tax obligations on their winnings.
  • Contestants must pledge to submit projects that are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, do not infringe on any third-party intellectual property or other rights, or else they risk disqualification.

Submission Requirements

  • Submit your distinct entries to Dorahacks by 23:59 UTC-4 on August 21st, 2023(extended). Multiple unique entries per participant are welcome.
  • All submission materials should be in English. If not, an English translation of the video demonstration, text description, testing instructions, and all other submitted materials should be provided.

Submissions must contain:

  • A public GitHub link to your project's documentation or codebase.
  • A video link showcasing your project's functionality and benefits.
  • A comprehensive README file describing your project and its use of the XRP Ledger.
  • Optionally, you may include a code walkthrough to further explain your project's design and functionality.


  • Anurag Patel from XRPScan

  • Ryan Molley from Crossmark

  • Denis Angell from Xaman

Judging Criteria

Quality of the Idea:

  • We're looking for innovative and unique ideas. Your solution should be original, standing out from existing approaches.

Implementation of the Idea:

  • The technical execution of your idea is crucial. How well has your concept been realized into a working project? The performance, reliability, and robustness of your code will be assessed.

Potential Impact:

  • How effectively does your solution incorporate the XRP Ledger? We're interested in projects that optimize the XRP Ledger's features to maximize their potential impact in the target area.

Chat and Get Support

To get support and interact with fellow participants, be sure to check out the Idea Board tab. It's a valuable resource for tips, idea sharing, team formation, advice, and feedback. Let your imagination run wild and inspire others as you embark on this thrilling creative adventure!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them on the #hackathon channel in the XRPL Devs Discord Server ( or post it on the Idea Board page. You can also reach out to the DoraHacks user support account on Telegram (@dorahacksofficial).