August 30, 2023 -Hello Ethereum enthusiasts, we wanted to let you know that the submission channel has been relocated to the Mini Grant section. To submit your project, please follow this link. The submission portal is available year-round, feel free to submit your project at any time. Our team will review all submissions promptly.


Initiated by Dora Dōjō, ETH Research Grant is dedicated to funding projects and research topics in the Ethereum community and promoting the further development of Ethereum. A rolling monthly review is conducted on the Grant, which has a long-term validity.The monthly prize pool is up to 5,000 USDT and individual projects are funded at 300-1,000 USDT.

Dora Dōjō is an open source knowledge community centered on the underlying technologies and cutting-edge topics of Web3. Our team is devoted to promoting Web3 technology and inspiring more people to participate in the never-ending development movement.


ETH Research Grant is a long-term funding program to support Ethereum ecological research, and the application channel is valid for a long time. Project selection and grant distribution are conducted on a monthly basis. Here is the schedule:

Project Submission:2022.12.12-Long term Time Table: Project Submission[Round 5]: August 25th

Judging [Round 5]: August 26th - 31st

Community Voting: September 1st - 10th

Result Announcement: September 11th


Any research on Ethereum is welcome to be uploaded according to the topic. Stay tuned for more tracks to be added!

  • AA/ERC4337
  • zkEVM/zkVM
  • Rollups
  • Staking
  • Identity/ETH Login
  • DeGov
  • Sharding/Data Availability
  • Cryptography Research
  • Ethereum Adoption (Please select this Track to apply for other Ethereum -related BUILDLs)

Application Requirements

**Research Topic: ** Refer to track

**Application content: ** Please click "Submit BUIDL" in ETH Research Grant to provide detailed information about your project, including but not limited to research direction, research feasibility analysis, research plan, etc.

**Form of output: ** Fill in the details page in text/image form after the project is complete, or attach relevant links, including but not limited to papers, blog links, ETH Research Forum links, and ETH Magician Forum links.

Project Application

  1. Click "Submit BUIDL" in the ETH Research Grant to provide details about your project.
  2. To verify the authenticity of your project, please contact @DoraDojo0 on Telegram or @HackerDōjo0 on Wechat after submitting your project.

Grant Distribution

**Dōjō Grant: ** Dora Dōjō will provide monthly funding prizes of up to 5,000 usdt for individual projects of 300-1,000 usdt.

**Sponsorship Grant: ** ETH Research Grant is open for sponsorship applications, and sponsorship grants will be placed directly into prize pool and awarded according to the project.

A grant will be rotated if no project is available in the current period, and the current grant will be accumulated and distributed later.

Sponsorship Recruitment

The ETH Research Grant Hackathon will be open for sponsorship applications on a permanent basis. All sponsors interested in the event can apply for sponsorship of the ETH Research Grant at any time, and the sponsorship prize money will go directly into the prize pool.

Each month Dora Dōjō can arrange a live event for the sponsor to introduce the sponsor's services for developers and BUIDL.

To apply for sponsorship, please contact Telegram: @DoraDojo0 or Wechat: @HackerDōjo0

About Dora Dōjō

Dora Dōjo is an open-source knowledge community focused on cutting-edge technologies such as encryption and Web3, co-built by hackers.

Dora Dōjo regularly organizes and shares sessions in the form of live broadcasts, audio, and text. The topics covered include L1 and L2 consensus algorithms, architecture, and related content in GitHub repositories. Some of the specific topics covered include Scroll/Polygon zkEVM, Eigen's hybrid proof system, Starkware, Aztec, Optimism, Zecrey, Aptos, Move, cryptography (including zero-knowledge proof, public key encryption, hash functions, and lattice ciphers), distributed systems, the Ethereum protocol stack, quantum computing and quantum information, and satellite communication and spacecraft system design.

More Information

Telegram: @DoraDojo0

WeChat: @HackerDojo0