Shortlist of the BUIDL for ETH Research Grant Grantees (4th Batch)


Track: Staking

Nativo is an enhanced version of the WETH contract, more gas efficient, supporting ERC20Permit, Payable token standard and Flash loans


Track: Ethereum Adoption

OnChainVision is a comprehensive suite of libraries, tools, and frameworks that empower developers/creators to design and develop next-generation on-chain assets, that are visually appealing, dynamic, and interactive! The project provides a rich set of features and functionalities for generating interactive tokens, incorporating dynamic metadata, and creating visually engaging on-chain visuals. Its offers a user-friendly interface and extensive documentation to simplify the development process and enable seamless integration with existing blockchain platforms and token standards.


Track: Ethereum Adoption

ChainFlow aims to revolutionize cross-chain DeFi by enhancing efficiency with the integration of ERC-4337. In the world of decentralized finance, users strive to maximize their yield from diverse blockchain protocols. However, achieving this goal often necessitates transferring investment assets across various chains and individually engaging with each protocol. These cumbersome processes involve multiple transactions and incur additional gas fees, ultimately leading to user frustration.