Shortlist of the BUIDL for ETH Research Grant Grantees (1st Batch)

Eigen Network

Track: zkEVM/zkVM

Eigen Network aims to build a privacy-focused zkVM and be highly compatible with Solidity to deliver privacy and developing experience for EVM ecosystem.


Track: Ethereum Adoption

The NFT implementation with the lowest gas usage and minimal impact on the blockchain storage space.


Track: Sharding/Data Availability

EthStorage - an Ethereum L2 to scale the programmable storage to hundreds of Terabytes or even Petabytes with 1/100x to 1/1000x cost.


Track: AA/ERC4337

A wallet providing more security and more decentralization to protect your crypto assets.

ZKSAFE Password

Track: Cryptography Research

A great cryptography system should be expanded to support not only ZKSAFE, but also various asset management platforms, and even private key-less wallets (which would greatly reduce the barrier for users to entry Web3). And this password system is ZKSAFE Password (abbr.ZKPass)