Polygon DevX [EMEA] Hackathon Recap and Result Announcement

The shortlist of the Polygon DevX [EMEA] Hackathon is finally here! This is all about developing solutions for Ethereum scaling on Polygon protocols and working with other ecosystem developers to make sure that Web3 has scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchain infrastructure. We had a whopping 114 BUIDL teams submit their projects, and after careful review by judges, we've finally narrowed it down to the top 7 projects! Let's dive in and check them out!


Decentralised Video Platform and Token Marketplace for Comedy Skit Creators and Fans


Experience hassle-free token movement across EVM compatible chains


Influencer and communtiy reputation platform for web3


TIỌWỌ̀BỌ́ is a decentralized signature request platform

AI NFT Avatars on Polygon: Revolutionising Web3 gaming

Minting AI NFT Avatars on Polygon: Frontend, Smart Contract, Unity Integration, AI Integration, Voice Interactions and Live Workshop

EcoDriveChain Protocol

Waste to Wealth, Sustainability Environment and Circular Economy for all


Your Gateway to Verifiable Academic Credentials on the Blockchain