💫 About Artela

Artela is a blockchain network allowing developers to utilize WasmVM to build native extensions to coprocess with EVM for more customized functionalities. Beyond just dual-VM, these native extensions enable customization at the block level. It enables custom logic to be added throughout the transaction lifecycle with broader runtime context access.


While Uni v4 hooks are application-specific, Artela supports native-level hook design that is cheaper, computationally more powerful, provides runtime context access, and supports the major programming languages, allowing the flourishing of hooks that can be created by anyone and attached to any application.

Artela has raised over $6M in seed round funding led by Shima Capital, with participation from A&T Capital, Big Brain Holdings, SevenX Ventures, Dispersion Capital, Amino Capital, and others.

⭐️ Buildathon Introduction

Get ready to embark on a journey of dApp innovation? We are excited to introduce the Artela Aspect Use Case Buildathon!

Artela Aspect Usecase Buildathon is set to inspire builders to contribute groundbreaking Aspect innovations to unlock the full potential of Web3 innovations.

Regardless of your background or coding skill set, we encourage you to join us in this exciting Buildathon. The Artela Aspect Buildathon aims to nurture and showcase innovation, serving as the first step to incubate the Artela killer dApp.

Share your idea for an Aspect use case:

Builders are encouraged to contribute visionary concepts for an Aspect use case; no coding is required. All contributed ideas will have the chance to win a prize and be featured in the Artela Aspect Hub for future airdrops!

Bring your ideas to life through coding:

Are you eager to compete for the full prize pool? Roll up your sleeves and bring your ideas to life through coding! Turn your concepts into tangible solutions that can make a real impact on the Artela ecosystem. By doing so, you'll have the chance to claim the majority of the prize pool and join the incubation program for future grants!

As we've seen in the blockchain industry, groundbreaking ideas can come from anyone, and this Buildathon is your chance to shine. Together, we can explore new possibilities, push the boundaries of innovation, and contribute to the growth and development of Artela ecosystem.

📌 Prerequisite

  • No coding is required for the idea round prize pool. All innovative ideas are welcomed!

  • AssemblyScript (JavaScript) is needed for the code round.

  • The simplest demo implementation will be considered qualified for the entire prize pool.

📅 Key Dates

Start on Jan 21st, lasting for 10 days.

Date Event
1.22 23:00pm UTC+8 Opening Ceremony
1.23 20:00pm UTC+8 Aspect Use Cases Inspiring Workshop
1.24 20:00pm UTC+8 Aspect Code Implementation Workshop
1.21-1.31 Aspect usecase submission period
1.31 23:59pm UTC+8 Submission Deadline
2.20 Finalist announcement
2.27 23:00pm UTC+8 Finalist Demo Day
2.29 Winner announcement

💰Prize Pool & Allocation

Prize Pool:

$20,000 USD + Contributor Airdrop + Incubation program slot


Prize pool for coding:

1 x Winner: $10,000 USD ($1,500 USDC + $8,500 Alibaba Cloud credits) + contributor tag for airdrop + Incubation program slot

2 x Runner up: $ 3,500 USD ($500 USDC + $3,000 Alibaba Cloud credits) + contributor tag for airdrop + incubation program slot

Prize pool for idea:

1 x Winner: $200 USDC + contributor tag for airdrop

2 x Runner up: $150 USDC + contributor tag for airdrop

N x Honorable Mention: contributor airdrop + incubation program priority

💯 What to expect

Contributor Airdrop

Participants will get the contributor tag for the mainnet $ART token airdrop.

Job opportunities

Buildathon serves a training purpose. Participants can gain priority for paid internships or part-time positions to join the Artela team. Outstanding candidates may have the opportunity to become full-time contributors.

Ticket to ETHDenver!

Artela will sponsor outstanding participants for flight tickets and accommodation to ETHDenver!

Incubation Program

The potential Aspect use cases will be incubated and granted by the Artela Foundation. Enjoy significant growth with an L1 new star.


Significant co-marketing and enjoy exposure to a rapidly growing community of over 30,000 members.

🧩 What to submit

Submission Repo Example: https://github.com/QiyuanMa/session-key-aspect-example

Idea Round: Aspect Usecase Idea Submission

  • Video Link (optional)
    • A demo video illustrating the use case
  • Github Repo Link
    • Include a README file containing:
      • Name and summary of the use case.
      • Names of team member(s) and roles.
      • An overview of the addressed problem and how the team intends to resolve it through the creation of this Aspect.
      • The design process behind the project
      • The value that this Aspect brings to the Artela Ecosystem.
  • Website Link (optional)

Code Round: Aspect Usecase Implementation & Deployment

  • Video Link (optional)
    • A demo video illustrating the code implementation
  • GitHub Repo Link
  • Website Link (optional)

🔗 Resources

Website: https://artela.network/

Hacker Resources One-pager: Hacker Resources

Telegram Support Group: https://t.me/aspect_hackathon

Artela Developer Doc: https://docs.artela.network/

Developer Community: https://discord.com/invite/artela (Channel: ‘dev-chat’ channel under ‘BUILDERS’ category)