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2023/04/06-2023/04/20 14:00 UTC

Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks Community Quadratic Funding Round

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  • Utility NFT & SB / DAO / DID

    (5203.00 TON)
  • Fi+

    (5203.00 TON)
  • Web 3 Services / Web 2.5 Services

    (4770.00 TON)


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    Hack-a-TONx Community Quadratic Funding is currently ongoing, marking the first try of Quadratic Funding on TON!

    The Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks Quadratic Funding is now launched at DoraHacks.io. A total of 35 teams picked by the TON will be sharing a community matching prize pool of $35,000(and unlimited support from the community!). This time it also marks the first implementation of Quadratic Funding on the TON network. The voting period runs from April 6th to 20th. Don't miss out to join a first-ever QF round on TON!

    We encourage all members of the community to participate in the voting process and support the development of the TON network. Join us in supporting the development of the TON network and the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

    You can cast your vote at https://dorahacks.io/grant/ton-grant.

    Check out the 35 cool participating projects

    Utility NFT & SB / DAO / DID Track


    NFT Chef - the ultimate tool for generating NFT pegged stickers in just 10 minutes with our AI bot!

    DAOTON No-code DAO Platform for Telegram and TON

    DAOTON.io is a DAO platform on TON with strong integration to Telegram. Design, build, deploy, run, manage, use your DAO's no-code with an easy to use UI/UX heavily integrated with Telegram.

    The Open Pass

    This tool aims to pave the way for cost-effective alternatives to traditional digital and physical ticketing systems.


    To keep it simple - zKTON- the first NFT marketplace aggregator on the TON blockchain.

    Gyre DID

    Gyre DID is a decentralized credential verification tool.


    End-to-end EdTech solution for TON


    Empower individuals to take ownership of their digital identity via user-friendly ways to manage and upkeep data. Verify your personal identity and get a verified account badge in Telegram. Have your telegram account reputation score calculated and verified.

    Port3 network

    Port3 is the bridge between Web2 and Web3. We are building a protocol to aggregate and standardize both off-chain and on-chain data to build a Social Data Layer that is universally accessible and powerful for Web3 use cases.

    TONFT | NFT Bazaar

    TONFT is an open-source NFT Bazaar with optional 0-royalties and a smart-revolutionary referral fees system.

    Nabi Protocol

    Nabi Protocol is a Web3 project that offers an open-source social graph platform designed specifically for the Telegram application. The protocol operates on the TON blockchain and serves as a foundation for social network services.


    Easy Access, No Trading Boundary, Enormous Impact of Small Behaviors. In the platform Lucia, anyone can easily access the Voluntary Carbon Credit Market through Telegram messenger and invest in or trade carbon credits.


    Our vision at Writon is to empower writers, Web3 DAOs, and publishers with the tools and resources they need to create and distribute content easily and efficiently.

    Fi+ Track

    Oberton | Pixel

    In Oberton we build products which drive people to create decentralized communities. One of these products is Pixel. Pixel implements a powerful NFT Edition mechanic.

    Diesel Attack NFT Game

    Speedrun suitable hardcore web 2D-platformer for truly skilled gamers with open economy based on utility NFTs and SBTs.

    TON Unity SDK

    Empowering developers to build decentralized apps on TON with ease - introducing the TON Unity SDK, soon to be available on the Unity Store!


    Escrow-ton is a powerful and easy to use escrowing system where you can create and deploy your escrow contracts.


    Manage and share expenses with Split! Split is a bot designed to help create invoices in a telegram group chat. Members in the group are able to pay for the bill or expense with cryptocurrencies. Split! makes it easy to make financial transactions with anyone regardless of country or location. All you need to do is add your members to the same telegram group chat as Split bot and enter a few commands!

    ProphecyPulse - by Ozare Labs

    The first decentralized predictive markets platform directly integrated to Telegram

    Fortify (Stableton)

    Fortify is an over-collateralized stablecoin protocol that allows anyone to generate stablecoins against the value of their decentralized token collateral (TON).

    B4B TON

    B4B is a reputation-based Ad platform for Telegram influencers built on TON blockchain. The platform enables influencers and advertisers collaboration: fast, transparent and secure.

    TON Splitter

    All-in-one splitwise payment tool that combines telegram bot, split wise and TON wallet


    Cannedbi is a web3 social game that can be played on Telegram, where you can create your own Cannedbi, play games, and share them with your friends.


    A decentralized passport for a decentralized citizen of a decentralized world.


    Using DALL-E image generating AI algorithm and voice synthesis technology, our team is committed to providing readers of newsletter contents with a more Visual Aids-rich environment and fun learning experience.

    Web 3 Services / Web 2.5 Services Track


    We are CryptoAlerts, and we are a hassle-free crypto donation service for live content creators. Our platform provides a seamless and secure way for content creators to receive cryptocurrency donations from their loyal supporters, while also allowing viewers to be recognized for their contributions.


    Platform for investing in influencers and Telegram channels


    Panda.TON is a Web3 educational program for beginners in the TON ecosystem, with fun quizzes, news reading ,and daily check-ins for users to earn rewards in the form of TON tokens.

    TON No Code SDK

    Integrating TON SDK into a no code plugin for one of the biggest no code platform - bubble.io You will be able to build Apps on TON Blockchain without a single line of code!


    Ratelance is a freelance platform that seeks to remove barriers between potential employers and workers.


    Tonpay is a decentralized crypto payment service that provides businesses with fast, secure and trustless solutions.


    DeOS represents a groundbreaking fusion of cloud computing and virtual PCs, united within an advanced web3 browser as a transformative peer-to-peer network-driven ecosystem. With its user-friendly design, the DeOS ecosystem prioritizes security and efficiency, streamlining the management of a wide array of everyday web tasks.

    Ton Dooby

    Empowering your community and Earn


    RabbitGo.io provides solutions to grow web3 creators and projects via tooling such as Learn to Earn.

    Raven oracles

    Raven protocol - mass adoption focused oracle protocol on TON blockchain.


    Application for secure storage of passwords in the blockchain TON