We're calling on developers to tackle one of our six bounty categories:

1. User Onboarding Experience

We're looking for innovative ideas and implementations that can improve the onboarding experience for new users of applications built with Sway. Consider solutions that could minimize or eliminate transaction costs for new users, such as gasless transactions. The objective is to make it as easy and intuitive as possible for new users to get started with applications built on Fuel using the Sway language.

2. Innovative Payment Applications

We're interested in groundbreaking payment applications built with Sway for the Fuel blockchain. Consider building applications around concepts like stablecoins, micro-payments, and other novel payment methods. The goal here is to challenge the status quo and revolutionize the way we think about digital transactions.

3. Decentralized Web Infrastructure

This bounty focuses on building a more resilient and decentralized web infrastructure using Sway for the Fuel blockchain. This could include projects focused on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), decentralized domain name systems (DNS), software supply chain hardening, and other related areas. The key here is to contribute to a more secure and reliable decentralized web.

4. Privacy/Security

We value privacy and security. For this bounty, we're seeking applications or enhancements built with Sway that can improve privacy and security within the Fuel ecosystem. This could involve encryption methods, anonymization techniques, or advanced security protocols.

5. DeFi / RWA

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Real World Assets (RWA) are key pillars of the blockchain revolution. We're looking for applications built with Sway for the Fuel blockchain that bring new and innovative solutions to DeFi or that bridge the gap between DeFi and RWA.

6. Cross-chain Interoperability

Cross-chain interoperability is a crucial aspect of the blockchain ecosystem. For this bounty, we're interested in solutions built with Sway that enhance interoperability between Fuel and other chains. The aim here is to create more open and interconnected blockchain ecosystems.