Submission Guidelines

1. Prepare

  • You need to have an account on the If you don't have one, click on log in/sign up to log in or register.


  • For your submission, prepare the following:

    • If you have developed software, you can submit a GitHub repository link or a video demonstrating how the software works.

    • If you have designed a service, you can submit a design drawing using a tool like Figma.

    • If you have created documentation for your project, make sure it is well-written and submit it.

    • If your project is a deployed software, provide an access link.

2. Let's start submitting

  • If you already have a BUIDL (Built Useful Innovative DApp/Protocol), select the BUIDL that you want to submit.

  • If you are submitting a new BUIDL, click on "Create a new BUIDL" button.


  • Fill in the submission content as prompted, providing all the necessary information about your project, including a description, relevant links, and any supporting materials such as GitHub repositories or documentation.


Make sure that your submission is complete and meets the requirements. Good luck with your submission!

3. After submitted