Hack-Nostr-On Round 3 started on 15 Sep! More online events will be here. During Round 3, there will be multiple online and meetup IRL as Round 1 & 2. Welcome to join!

All participants in the Round 1 & 2 are welcome to participate in the Round 2, only need to update 'milestone' on the BUIDL page without resubmit.

Be sure to join Hack-Nostr-On Community and YakiHonne Community.


Nostr is a simple, open, and early-stage protocol that has immense potential and space for builders to unleash their creativity. As a Nostr-based content media protocol, YakiHonne brings you the global long-term Nostr Hackathon, Hack-Nostr-On!

Hack-Nostr-On aims to encourage more ideas, applications, and problem-solving.

Whether you are a developer, media person, product manager, marketer, designer, or newcomer, welcome to join our hackathon to unleash your creativity and help drive the development of the Nostr ecosystem.

Let's Hack-Nostr-On!


NIP: Functional construction and optimization of the Nostr protocol to support more applications.

Relay: Design or optimize Relay network, incentive mechanism, filtering algorithm and storage possibility, etc.

Client: Various clients and developer tools built on Nostr.

Content and Community: Spreading the Nostr protocol and promoting the development of the Nostr community. Continue to publish high-quality content related to Nostr and Bitcoin, whether it is newsletter, research, report, video, or audio.

Prize Pool

Total prize pool: 35,000,000 SATs

The Hackathon is long-term open, and the evaluation is divided into rounds. There is no limit to the number of winners of the A, B, and C prizes for each track. Winners will be granted with SATs.

Prize Categories:

A:5,250,000 SATs

B:3,500,000 SATs

C:1,750,000 SATs


Dates Events
15 Sep Kick Off
15 Sep - 05 Nov Building, Workshops, Office Hours, Submitting, Demo Live
05 Nov Submission Deadline
05 - 15 Nov Evaluation
16 Nov Result Announcement


What is Hack-Nostr-On?

Hack-Nostr-On is a global long-term Nostr Hackathon organized by YakiHonne. This is an open Hackathon, and developers, media personnel, product managers, marketing personnel, etc. are welcome to participate.

What can i benefit from Hack-Nostr-On?

Hack-Nostr-On offers a range of benefits to participants. Apart from the potential to win SATs, you'll also be contributing to ecological building while having the opportunity to connect and learn from other hackers. Submitting your BUIDL could also draw the attention of investors and give you valuable exposure.

Hack-Nostr-On Organizer&sponsor?

Hack-Nostr-On is organized by YakiHonne, and sponsored by DoraHacks.

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active developer incentive platforms. It creates a global hacker movement in Blockchain, Quantum and Space tech, and provides toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants and more. By far, more than 4000 startup teams from the DoraHacks community have received over $30 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open source communities, and more than 50 major companies and blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora's infrastructure (http://dorahacks.io) for open source funding and community governance.

YakiHonne is a Nostr-based decentralized content media protocol, which supports free curation, creation, publishing, and reporting by various media.

Goal of Hack-Nostr-On?

Hack-Nostr-On provides a creative space and platform for Builders, aiming to promote more ideas, applications and problem-solving.

Prizes of Hack-Nostr-On?

Hack-Nostr-On is an open long-term Hackathon, divided into rounds. The first round is divided into three tracks, and each track sets up three types of prize for A, B, and C to match 5,250,000 SATs, 3,500,000 SATs, and 1,750,000 SATs respectively.

How to participate?

You can participate by submitting directly at Dora Hacks. At the same time, you can also participate in the workshops to gain more information about Nostr. Be sure to subscribe to us for more info about the workshops. Any other questions feel free to contact us.

Who can participate?

Hack-Nostr-On is an open long-term Hackathon. Whether you are a developer, media person, product manager, marketer, designer or even a novice, you are welcome to use your creativity and promote the development of the Nostr ecosystem together.

How will the submissions be judged?

Eligible submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges selected by the Sponsor. Judging may take place in one or more rounds with one or more panels of Judges. Entries will be judged on the criteria of originality and creativity, technicality and design, business model and feasibility, usability, Nostr use case, and contribution to the Nostr ecosystem.

Critical Time?

The overall Round 3 is from 15 Sep to 16 Nov.

  • 15 Sep – 05 Nov Building, Workshops, Office Hours, Submissions, Demo Lives
  • 05 Nov Round 1 Submission Deadline
  • 16 Nov Winners Announcement