XDC is doing their own Track at ETHToronto!

Complete for over $25,000 USD in XDC!

Don't know XDC? Now is your chance!


The XDC Network is an enterprise grade, open-source, Layer 1 blockchain that provides high performance with EVM-compatibility. Using a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, the XDC Network has near-zero gas fees, 2 second block time, and is highly scalable. Its interoperability, scalability, low cost, and smart contract capabilities make it a platform of choice for anyone focused on building with blockchain technology.

ABOUT XDC Foundation

XDC Foundation aims to accelerate the expansion and development of the XDC ecosystem with a focus on network adoption and utility. To align with this focus, hackers should submit projects that provide utility and value to users in a real-world setting. The following categories have been recommended, however, we understand you may have good ideas. Feel free to be creative and compete with your own ideas!


The top 3 best overall projects will be selected for winning prizes, with $5,000 also available for best in category submissions. Hackathon winners are also eligible to win best in category for competing in recommended categories!

  • 🥇1st $10,000

  • 🥈2nd $6,000

  • 🥉3rd $4,000

  • 🧰 Web3 Developer/Community Tool - Best submission $1,000

  • 🚛Supply Chain Management - Best submission $1,000

  • 🖼NFTs - Best submission $1,000 💰Learn to Earn - Best submission $1,000

  • 📱Tokenization - Best Submission $1,000


🧰 Build a Web 3 Developer or Community Tool

  • Create and document a useful tool, dashboard, dev library, transaction explorer, DAO coordination tool, or web3 public good that will supercharge development and coordination for the XDC community!

🚛 Supply chain dApp

  • Build a supply chain management solution for invoicing, supply chain management documents, traceability, product management or authentication, automated services, and other supply chain management services.


  • Utilize NFTs to build token gated vaults, access control and permissions, loyalty programs, perks, tickets, soul bound tokens, or creative features for NFTs.

💰 Learn to earn

  • Do you like teaching people how to build in Web3? If so, why not build an educational dApp focused on users that want to start developing on the XDC Network! Teach users how they can get started with deploying their first smart contract, building a dApp, coding with Solidity or Vyper, or how Web2 developers can bring their experience to Web3.

📱 Tokenization

  • Build an application that leverages the benefits of tokenization using the XDC Network. Examples could be an app that makes spending, earning, or even sending easy. Tool or marketplace for RWA tokenization, suppliers, or other tangible and intangible assets.


  • Applications that leverage tokenization for data, identity, fractional ownership, proof of ownership, fraud prevention, or other real world use cases are also welcome!
  • Prizes will be awarded for best in category however, all submissions will be considered. So feel free to come with YOUR OWN amazing ideas to XDC.
  • The submission must be original and demonstrate concepts which differentiate from existing solutions