AGI is coming.

It will augment human capabilities in numerous economically significant tasks, increasing productivity, accelerating innovation, and uplifting living standards.

No single organization has the resources to build it today. And even if they did, it would lead to centralized control, manipulation, bias, and censorship.

AI is becoming increasingly useful in a variety of tasks, enhancing and amplifying human intelligence.

A network of autonomous agents, specialized models, and infrastructure will progressively lead to AGI.

Our goal is to explore the design space for AI applications, agents, and protocols, and to ensure that it will be equally accessible to everyone, unbiased, and personalized. Thus, slowly building decentralized AGI.

Join us at the dAGI Hack: hackathon & hacker house to shape the future together.

Agenda – July 5th-7th, Brussels

Fri, Jul 5th‍

14:00 – Event Registration OPENS!

15:00­ — 20:00 – Technical Workshops and Mentoring Sessions

Sat, Jul 6th

BUIDL 10:30 — 11:30

Project Feedback Session

Sun, Jul 7th

14:00 – Submission Deadline

14:30 — 16:30 – Project Judging

17:00 – Closing Ceremony

About the organizers

cyber•Fund is dedicated to partnering with founders from genesis to growth stage and beyond.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to an open cybernetic economy by backing entrepreneurs innovating at the intersection of blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics and adjacent technologies.

Since 2014, we have worked with leading crypto teams and actively contributed to projects such as, =nil; Foundation, and the Lido DAO. We assist with everything from operational and technological decisions to security and research questions, helping companies go from zero to one.

To learn more about cyber•Fund's history, see Introduction to cyber•Fund.

Epic Web3 is a dedicated team with 8 years of experience in crafting conferences and building communities.

In the past year, we've hosted 12 events for Web3 developers across cities like New York, Denver, Istanbul, Paris, Seoul, Lisbon, London, Dubai as well as online summits for AI developers. ‍ Find out more on our website.


Do you have specific bounties?

We encourage you to focus on building useful products rather than just going after bounties. We've put together a thread with 20+ ideas and use cases for AI x Web3, including Agent Economy, Intelligent Intents, AI-enabled Governance, Fake Content Detection and Validation, and much more.

Check it out here

Plus, we have an online pre-conference where you can learn these concepts.

Join here

You can also watch recordings of past talks here.

How can I find a team?

We will have a team-matching activity closer to the event. To stay updated, join our Telegram chat. ‍ Join Telegram chat

Can I join online?

At least one team member should be present at the event.

More questions answered here.

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