Main bounty pool

Winners will be chosen and awarded by the jury of dAGI House hackathon.

  • 1st place – $10,000 for 1 project
  • 2nd place – $5,000 for up to 2 projects
  • 3rd place – $3,000 for up to 3 projects
  • Hackers' choice – $5,000 for 1 projects (chosen by the participants of the hackathon)
  • Special mentions – up to $25,000 for up to 7 projects

Sponsored bounties

Winners will be chosen and awarded by sponsors to the best projects built using their tech stack.

Meet the judges

Our esteemed panel from top companies like NEAR, Phala Network, Corcel, Chainbase, cyber•Fund, 0G labs, Naptha AI, Nevermined, 'mbd, Gagra Ventures, Galadriel, Seed Club Ventures, M31 Capital, Allora, Robot Ventures, and Marlin will evaluate projects, offering valuable feedback and mentorship to participants.

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