Judge Panel




  • Alex Golding - Delphi Digital

Alexander Golding is a Ventures Associate at Delphi Digital, a premier crypto research, investment, and venture studio firm. Previously, Alexander served as the Marvin L Kay Fellow in Finance at George Washington University and as an investment associate at Solana Labs' ecosystem fund. Prior to these roles, he founded Helped Hope, an impact investing convening and advisory firm where he advised over $100bn in AUM on their impact investments, including their "Blockchain for Impact" investments.

  • EffortCapital - Blockworks

EffortCapital is currently a Research Analyst at Blockworks Research focused on the Cosmos ecosystem. Before his position at Blockworks Research, he was the lead Cryptoasset Analyst at Lightning Capital, a digital asset liquid token and VC fund. He has over six years of combined personal and professional experience investing and researching in the crypto space, focusing primarily on consumer-facing applications and go-to-market strategy

  • Emir - LongHashX

Emir is a Program Lead at LongHashX, LongHash Ventures’ accelerator arm, where he spearheads end-to-end processes with regard to their accelerator programs including the upcoming ATOM Economic Zone Accelerator alongside Neutron & ATOM Accelerator DAO. He is also experienced with reviewing projects. In the past year alone, he has assessed over 500 submissions to various programs for funding

  • Cito - Cryptocito/Cosmoverse

Cito is a content creator with the mission to educate and facilitate the onboarding into the Cosmos ecosystem. He is also the co founder of Cosmoverse (Cosmos conference) as well as the validator operator Stakecito

  • Dean Tribble - Agoric OpCo

Dean Tribble is CEO of Agoric OpCo, the software development company stewarding Agoric, the JavaScript smart contract platform and chain onboarding developers into the fabric of web3. An OG cypherpunk, Dean was an early contributor to developing the Inter-Blockchain Communications Protocol (IBC). He is a Director at the Foresight Institute, which researches high-impact technologies, and the Decentralized Cooperation Foundation, which advocates software and technology to improve human cooperation

  • Eric Zhang - DoraHacks & Dora Factory

  • Aiden Salzmann - Stride

Aidan Salzmann is the co-founder of Stride and Stride Labs. He has a background in product and engineering, having built multiple software startups before founding Stride. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley

  • Reena Shtedle

Reena represents ATOM Accelerator DAO. She is a co-founder & DevRel at Citadel.one, one of the largest validators in Cosmos ecosystem & a user-focused SuperApp. Starting 2022, Reena also serves as a founding member of Cosmos female movement

  • Avril - Neutron

Avril Dutheil is the Core Contributor of Neutron and is an experienced digital specialist with a background in marketing, community management, digital services, and infrastructure, with a longstanding interest in computing systems and privacy. Having purchased his first Bitcoin in his high school cafeteria, Avril has been active in the Web3 community since 2016. He worked for major web3 leaders including P2P and Lido, growing communities, brands, dealflows and leading strategic business initiatives. He is now focused on contributing to the Cosmos ecosystem, ushering in secure cross-chain DeFi and creating the next generation of blockchain tech.

  • Susannah - Interchain Foundation

Susannah is the product lead for the IBC team funded by the Interchain Foundation. Previously Susannah worked at ZKValidator and has a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering

  • Harrison Dahme - Lightspeed/Faction

Technical Partner at Faction. Forever trying to find ways that crypto can create the future we want. Regen and aspiring ski bum, but creating things is just too fun. Know enough to be dangerous at many things, but master of none. Fluent in set theory & stochastics, cloud footprints, machine learning, cryptoeconomics, counterparty risk, and being a technical cofounder.

  • Connie Lam - Head of Solution Architect at CertiK

Connie Lam is a Blockchain Expert, Software Engineer, Technical Lead, and Manager with 8 years of experience in full-stack development, data analytics, and SaaS. She has technical expertise with 8 years of hands-on experience in blockchain development, frontend & backend engineering, database management, and mobile development. Connie has a deep knowledge of strategic execution with 2 years of experience in translating business opportunities to technical strategy, from concept to launch. She graduated from Rutgers University in computer science, business and science.