The AEZ Boost Hackathon aims to align all stakeholders by incentivizing individuals and organizations to explore and develop their ideas on Cosmos Hub by offering individuals and organizations non-dilutive funding to develop and further the Atom ecosystem.


  • Opening Ceremony: Aug 10th, 8am PST

  • 82 Days of Hacking: Aug. 10th, 2023 - Oct. 31st, 2023

  • Demo Day: Nov. 2nd, 2023 - Nov. 4th 2023

  • Closing Ceremony: Nov. 8th, 2023

Tracks & Ideas

1. Infrastructure and Toolings:

  • Dashboards/Analytics
  • Security toolings around Replicated Security and Mesh Security
  • Developer Toolings like API and SDKs
  • AI Auditing
  • Appchain SDKs/CLIs
  • zk-cosmwasm
  • Outpost dapp that leverage liquidity + state from the hub
  • On-chain communication
  • On-chain Identity and Profile
  • Educational organizations and content about Cosmos
  • AA implementation in Cosmos
  • LSD Summer: new LSD solutions, or composable applications around established LSD chains/app like Stride and Quicksilver
  • Real-world Assets to IBC
  • Assess validators to help more evenly distribute stake across validators

2. ICS track

  • New ICS consumer chains that service an existing gap in the market
  • Best port of existing dapp to ICS chain
  • IBC Multiverse (connecting IBC to other ecosystems)

3. Governance

  • Interchain allocator/Atom Accelerator
  • Interchain sequencer
  • Voting
  • MACI (Minimal anti-collusion infrastructure) for voting
  • zkMACI

Prize Distribution

Total Pot: $100,000 ($33K per track)

  • 1st place per track: $20,000

  • 2nd place per track: $10,000

  • 3rd place per track: $3,000


1. Github, close source if fine but need to submit private code to judge for review

2. A short demo video of the product, the actual product demo will be preferred (5mins Max)

3. Submitted before DDL


  • Innovation and Originality

  • Something that be needed actually by Cosmos Hub

  • User experience

  • Potential of future Growth

  • Completeness of the product

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hacker movement and the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform. More than 3,000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $30 million in grants and hackathon prizes. DoraHacks.io has around 250,000 active users worldwide. The platform offers hackathons, bounties, quadratic funding, privacy voting, and other community governance/funding toolkits. In addition, over 100 major Web3 ecosystems are currently using Dora infrastructures to fund their open-source communities.

About ATOM Accelerator DAO

ATOM Accelerator DAO is a community-oriented fund to support excellence in public goods, open source projects, and ecosystem initiatives that can bring success, security, & innovation to ATOM. It was brought into existence by the ATOM community in February of this year after the passing of proposal 95, ATOM Accelerator DAO has so far issued $1,713,491 in grants and counting. Grants range from revising ATOMs tokenomics, to building daps in the AEZ, to providing infrastructure and tooling.