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Solana Summer Camp Community Voting Grant

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  • 1317Votes received

  • 235.2 SOLCommunity contribution

  • 1,397.92 SOLMatching pool

Overview of event

Solana Summer Camp Grant, an exclusive celebration party for the 24 entries from Solana Summer Camp Hackathon on DoraHacks seized out of a total of 116 BUIDL submissions!

This grant will allow community member to support the grantees they love with $SOL, and decide how the prize pool distributed by quadratic funding algorithm for a week of $100K shared prize pool rivalry! Your role is crucial in wording the prize share of a total of $50K for all grantees. Voice your opinion in your vote and boost up your favoured BUIDL to the leaderboard top.

Prize Pool Allocation

1.Grantee prize: $50,000 will be equally shared by all the grantees.

Every grantee can receive: $50,000/Number of grantees from DoraHacks.io

2.Community voting prize pool: $50,000, distributed based on quadratic funding algorithm, namely the popularity of the grantee projects, which means, more voters will bring you a bigger matching prize!

3.Meanwhile, all the cost of voting will be sent to the project directly as community funding

So the total prize you can potentially hunt for:

  • $50,000/Number of grantees on DoraHacks.io
  • Plus Quadratic funding matching prize ($50,000 in total)
  • Plus Community contribution from supporters (not limited)

How Quadratic Funding Works in this Grant?

Quadratic Voting is a voting scheme introduced and often discussed in the Radical Markets community. It is often considered an innovative improvement of the traditional 1-person-1-vote or 1-dollar-1-vote voting schemes.

As the number of voting contributors for a BUIDL project increases, this BUIDL will receive a bigger matching prize from the community funding prize pool. And Individual contributors can vote for their preferred projects to push them ahead in the funding round. The votes cost $SOL, which is directly donated to the respective projects after the round.

More Guidance on Voting

Learn how to set up your Phantom wallet, the voting process, and related rules at Solana Summer Camp Grant Voting Guide

About Solana Summer Camp Hackathon

Solana Summer Camp Hackathon is an online, global event with up to $5 million in prizes and seed funding. DoraHacks is one of the two major registration channels with an additional prize pool of $100,000. The sixth Solana hackathon ran July 11 - Aug. 16. It’s open to everyone, and anyone with a project idea is encouraged to register.

Solana Summer Camp has a mobile prize track, as well as tracks in Payments, DeFi, Web3, Gaming, and DAOs. The previous hackathon, Riptide, saw nearly 7,000 participants submit 600 projects.

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