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Announcing Revelation - a BNB Chain Global Hackathon Open for Multi-chain BUIDLers, with Over $10M in Prizes

Announcing Revelation - a BNB Chain Global Hackathon Open for Multi-chain BUIDLers, with Over $10M in Prizes

From March 21 to May 10, BNB Chain Global Hackathon “Revelation is open for global application with over $10 Million in prizes!

Revelation is co-hosted by BNB Chain and DoraHacks, and will run in a 50-day course at DoraHacks, the world’s largest multi-chain developer incentive platform. With the most prominent players in Web 3.0 sponsoring and offering global resources, Revelation is not only a place to compete for prizes and seed funding, but a stage for showcasing your developer talent to the world. Besides, it will host multiple in-person meet-ups and online tech workshops over the 50 days.

Project Submission Entry:
How to Submit:
BUIDL Community Guidelines for Grant and Hackathon Participation:

With the aim to fund the everlasting hacker movement, BNB Chain and DoraHacks make Revelation the first in a series of global hackathons that will occur every quarter. The series will start a global initiative for the community to build projects continuously that will add to BNB Chain’s fast growing ecosystem. And as a multichain-friendly ecosystem, Revelation welcomes projects built on all chains to apply for the hackathon!

Let’s REVEAL the future of blockchain.

Dates and Timing

  • Opening Ceremony: March 21th
  • Project Submission: March 21st - May 5th
  • Community Voting: April 20th - May 5th
  • Judge Voting: May 5 to May 9th
  • Grand Finale: May 10th, Wednesday (virtual)

You have a reason to join Revelation

  • $10 Million in prizes and more fundraising opportunities.
  • Free online workshops and in-person meetups. Stay updated by following @BNBChain and @DoraHacks on Twitter!
  • Network with multichain BUIDLers and top crypto companies and ventures.
  • Boost your team’s visibility via DoraHacks website and live project demo sessions; Winners will also receive media coverage and interviews!

$10 Million in Prizes

  • $300K of Quadratic Funding Prize Pool, allocated by the community contribution
  • $300K = Judge’s Pick Prizes, allocated by review Judges
  • The rest of the funds are reserved as seed funding

$350K  Bounties

  • All the BUIDLs of BNB Grant Hackathon are eligible to apply abundant bounties simultaneously, which are sponsored by reputable projects and institutions like NodeReal, Ankr, HashKey, Celer Venus, Pancakeswap and Apeswap.
  • Each BUIDL can apply for 10 bounties maximum.
  • Sponsors are providing $350,000 rewards for bounties, separated from $10M Hackathon prizes and seed funding!
  • Check the detailed requirement and prize for each bounties, please visit here

Join BNB BUIDLer Community

Discord is a place we prepared for BNB BUIDLers to play and connect. Join us at

- Latest news/notifications of Revelation Hackathon will be posted via this server.

- This server asks for a simple verification to identify that you’re a BUIDLer. Let us know your username by contacting Discord: DoraHacks#9292/Telegram: @hackerlinkofficial.

- Judges, sponsors, investors, and more Web 3 companies will be invited to join at the same time. Network and find your opportunities!


Projects built on ALL chains can apply for Revelation hackathon. We have 6 tracks to accommodate projects of ALL kinds.

1. Disruptive DeFi

With almost 2 billion unbanked people, it's important to build financial services that work for everyone regardless of their race, social status, or citizenship. Revelation will reward disruptive DeFi products that provide innovative and attractive financial solutions for the masses. If you're interested in building highly compatible DeFi Legos, DeFi 2.0 (AMM, enhancers, extenders, derivatives), sophisticated DeFi such as liquidity staking, Everlasting options/Perpetual options,  Option Vaults,  Structured Product,  Fixed income, strategy factory product,  Stream Pay.

2. Innovative Infra

Like any other enterprise, MetaFi needs a high-performance, reliable, and stable infrastructure to run seamlessly. That's why Revelation aims to attract hackers that build secure and high-speed Web3 infra, scaling and interoperability solutions for BNB Smart Chain App SideChain, zero-knowledge proof tools & zk powered applications, digital ID & naming services, Web2 API & tooling for Web3, and EVM standards & optimization.

3. Frontier Tech

Revelation is not just about the regular crypto areas but also about exploring the unknown. We welcome teams that work on innovative solutions that adopt blockchain to solve critical problems in frontier fields such as quantum computing and spaces, space governance, smart implementation of blockchain in quantum software, and creative integrations that explore other frontier technologies such as healthcare or artificial intelligence.

4. NFT, GameFi and the Metaverse

Artists, creators, players, and collectors are an important part of the crypto movement. That's why we need teams developing advanced GameFi infra & tooling, and tools that bridge Web2 games to Web3. Gaming is also among the key topics of Revelation, and here we're looking for GameFi with sustainable tokenomics in genres such as MMORPG/Strategy, DeFi Gamification, FPS (Shooting), Action-Adventure/Adventure RPGs, Sports, Simulation. To bolster the gaming and creators ecosystem, apply if you're building NFT data analytics tools and APIs, NFT Tooling that enables the easy launch of NFT projects or creative NFT projects with a unique proposition. In addition, Revelation is also open to projects that change how we use social media, innovative SocialFi projects such as those that enable the creator economy, fan engagement, user-generated content, and community/social engagement.

5. DAOs/dCommunities

As Web3 will be decentralized, Revelation needs teams that focus on this area of innovation as well. A decentralized future needs disruptive DAOs & DAO-as-a-Service, DAO operating systems & tooling for treasury and governance, decentralized government (dGov) infrastructure, and last but not least, the evolution of DAO in the form of DAO 2.0: Creative Designs & MediaDAO, VentureDAO, SocialDAO, etc.

6. Blockchain for Good

With the world in turmoil, we can't forget about building tools for good causes that will better the lives of those less fortunate. Revelation will reward builders focused on trustless fundraising, donations infrastructure & apps, decentralized credit & ID systems for citizens, decentralized information & education applications, and innovative Web3 implementation of traditional industries such as agriculture & energy.

How to Submit My Project?

Application Guidelines:

  • It is imperative for BUIDLers to reach out to DoraHacks for verification and provide a valid, reachable TG/Discord contact.
  • BUIDL page is the main review reference. Please provide detailed projects and team information, plus at least one social media URL (Twitter/Facebook, etc), and Github link.

How do Judges Reivew & Vote for BUIDLs?

Review panellists will vote to allocate the funds based on the BUIDL page and applicant demo.

View details:

How can community vote?

Get your Metamask or other wallets ready, log in DoraHacks, and vote for projects you like today!

Voter’s Guide:

Make sure you have enough BNB balance in your wallet. On-chain activities cost gas fees.

How Quadratic Voting Works in Revelation?

Revelation is a Quadratic Funding Grant Hackathon which has a prize pool that is going to be distributed based on the quadratic funding results. When a project is popular among the voters, it’s more likely to get more matching funds from the prize pool.

To know more about Quadratic Funding and how DoraHacks has improved it, please check out the article:

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven, decentralized and censorship-resistant blockchain, powered by BNB. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which is EVM compatible and facilitates a multi-chain ecosystem. Through the concept of MetaFI, BNB Chain aims to build the infrastructure to power the world’s parallel virtual ecosystem. For more information on BNB Chain visit

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer communities. As a leader in the global hacker movement, Dora provides crypto-native toolkits to help developers around the world raise funding for their ideas and BUIDLs. 30+ major blockchain ecosystems have already adopted Dora's infrastructure ( / for quadratic funding, community contribution, hackathon, bounty distribution, and governance of their developer communities. By far, 2200 projects in the DoraHacks community have received over $20 million in grants and contributions from supporters worldwide.