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Revelation Hackathon: How do Judges Reivew & Vote for BUIDLs?

Revelation Hackathon: How do Judges Reivew & Vote for BUIDLs?
From March 21 to May 10, BNB Chain Global Hackathon “Revelation is open for global application with over $10 Million in prizes!


  • Apr 13 - Project demo pitch starts
  • May 5 - Project submission/demo pitch due
  • May 8 - Judge voting due
  • May 10 - Prizes released/Grand finale

Judging Process

Applicant Demo Guideline

  • We'll invite top BUIDLs to attend the applicant demo showcase live stream. Please ensure to provide a valid TG contact for reaching out.
  • Every BUIDL will be given 5 minutes to present by tracks, with an estimated 6-8 BUIDLs that will be arranged for each session/episode.
  • Invited judges will comment and question after each presentation.
  • Recordings are available to stream on DoraHacks Youtube and Binance Live for further evaluation when needed.
  • Though submitted BUIDLs are editable up to the deadline, it is important and mandatory to provide detailed projects and team information for review reference.

Internal Voting

1. Each judge will have 10 votes. To avoid bias, every judge should vote for NO LESS THAN 3 projects.

2. Every vote is validated with funds.

Ex, we have $500K distributed to the Defi track. And we have 5 judges and each of them has 10 votes:

The value of 1 vote = $500K/5/10 = $10K

So if one project receives 3 votes from the review panellist, the team will eventually receive:

$10K * 3 = $30K

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven, decentralized and censorship-resistant blockchain, powered by BNB. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which is EVM compatible and facilitates a multi-chain ecosystem. Through the concept of MetaFI, BNB Chain aims to build the infrastructure to power the world’s parallel virtual ecosystem. For more information on BNB Chain visit

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer communities. As a leader in the global hacker movement, Dora provides crypto-native toolkits to help developers around the world raise funding for their ideas and BUIDLs. 30+ major blockchain ecosystems have already adopted Dora's infrastructure ( / for quadratic funding, community contribution, hackathon, bounty distribution, and governance of their developer communities. By far, 2200 projects in the DoraHacks community have received over $20 million in grants and contributions from supporters worldwide.