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Review of the First ATOM Economic Zone Quadratic Funding Round:Building a More Robust Cosmos Ecosystem

Review of the First ATOM Economic Zone Quadratic Funding Round:Building a More Robust Cosmos Ecosystem

The first AEZ QF (Quadratic Funding for ATOM Economic Zone) launched by Dora Factory successfully completed the anti-sybil attack check by March 7th. Results of the first round of funding allocation have been unveiled on Approximately 5000 ATOM from the funding pool were distributed among eight public goods projects selected from the Cosmos ecosystem. The first round of AEZ QF round attracted 120 donors from the Cosmos community, generating over 530 ATOM in community contributions. Community donors may continue to support specific projects after the first QF round. These contributions will be taken into account for the next QF round and will impact the allocation of funds for that round.

The goal of the AEZ QF is to provide long-term support for early-stage public goods and appchain development within the Cosmos ecosystem. Starting from the ecosystem infrastructure, we aim to build a more robust and sustainable Cosmos ecosystem with developers and contributors together. The first AEZ QF round received a wide range of project submissions from builders within the Cosmos ecosystem. Ultimately, eight public good projects across various sectors emerged as the final grantees, spanning various important areas such as SDK/middleware/toolsets, media, DeFi, NFT protocols, and more. In the forthcoming funding rounds, a broader range of public goods and appchain-related projects will be considered for selection. For more details, please refer to:

Meet the grantees here:

  • Abstract SDK – A modular interchain application framework and on-chain infrastructure for the next generation of CosmWasm applications.
  • CosmWasm Orchestrator – A universal tool for CosmWasm testing, scripting, and deployments. It offers the most advanced and powerful testing capabilities unmatched by any other smart-contract testing framework.
  • CW-Interchain Accounts Controller – A pure CosmWasm implementation of ICS-27. Able to control all IBC chains, even those without Wasm support. It bypasses the limitations of the Go API.
  • InterChain NFT Gateway – Enabling seamless InterChain NFT utilities across different blockchain networks, thereby enhancing the user's ability to manage their NFT portfolio effectively.
  • Packet Forward Middleware – Developed by Strangelove Crypto, this public good aims to streamline blockchain inter-connectivity with efficient multi-hop IBC routing.
  • The Rollup – an educational hub acting as a public good that has addressed the need for reliable and accessible information in the rapidly evolving world of Cosmos DeFi.
  • Pouch – an interchain fund recovery protocol, serving as a complementary security wrapper for existing wallets.
  • Fairblock Network – is building for programmable privacy and conditional decryption via several cryptographic schemes. This enables Modular and Programmable Privacy for All Cosmos Chains and L2s.

ATOM Economic Zone Quadratic Funding presents an important tool for ecosystem governance and public goods funding within the Cosmos ecosystem. Unlike institution-led funding, Cosmos' native quadratic funding brings in more community donors and contributors for projects and delegates all funding actions and distribution mechanisms to the on-chain smart contracts, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout the entire process. The underlying infrastructure of the AEZ QF protocol, Dora Vota, is developed by Dora Factory specifically for blockchain-based decentralized community governance. Vota introduces the native quadratic funding mechanism to the Cosmos and its appchain ecosystem for the first time. Additionally, leveraging Vota's compatibility, AEZ QF theoretically can support donations with any IBC token (with priority support for ATOM in the first round of funding), enabling a larger range of Cosmos community members to participate in building and funding public goods and appchains within the ecosystem.

As the first Cosmos long term Quadratic Funding program, AEZ QF maintains an open grant application and community donation channel. It will consistently allocate a quadratic funding pool to offer additional support to selected projects. For details on selected projects, please refer to: