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Created by @Dora Dōjo
Created on 2023/09/09
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Dora Dōjo · 2023/09/09

Segregated Witness #721

The scalability problem is one of the main issues faced by #Bitcoin , and many are working towards resolving it, such as through the #LightningNetwork . However, conditions may not yet be met to implement the Lightning Network in the Bitcoin network due to flaws in Bitcoin's own programming model. Another solution, #SegregatedWitness , also aims to tackle scalability and other issues, including some flaws requiring patching for the Lightning Network implementation.However, SegWit has some issues of its own, such as decreased network security, a significant amount of code modifications, and non-reversibility. These issues have also sparked dissent regarding the upgrade.What is your opinion on this? Feel free to participate in the discussion.
CC0 (Public Domain)