Welcome to Waves Global Hackathon 2022. Running online from 15th October, 2022 until 23rd March, 2023 with one of the leading hackathon organizers DoraHacks. We look forward to you joining us as we bring together different people throughout the industry from creators, artists, developers, and entrepreneurs to create innovative projects that can run on the Waves blockchain and which seek to change the world of tomorrow today. This year there is a prize pool of $100,000.

Waves Hackathon 2022 is the place to showcase your talent to the world. With cash prizes, and both developer and marketing support throughout the event. You could even find yourself with seed funding through our accelerator program - Waves Camp.

The time to build is now.


Hackathon opening date 15th October 1 pm UTC

Final date for projects to submit project info through DoraHack website 23rd March, 2023 11:59PM UTC

Step 1 - Hackathon open for submissions (15th October, 2022 - 23rd March, 2023) - Project to submit info including description, team details, github, demo and contacts details. Teams can join at any point of the hackathon.

Step 2 - Waves Workshops (15th October - 30th November, 2022) - Attend our 4 workshops from some of our leading mentors and core team developers.

Step 3 - Project Demo Days (13th March - 23rd March, 2023) - Individual projects are invited to showcase their projects in the lead up to judging. Here is your chance to catch the judging team's eye.

Step 4 - Judging round (24th March - 30th March, 2023)

Step 5 - Winners announcement & Demos And prizes awared (30th March - 3rd April, 2023) - Winning project demos and closing ceremony streamed via DoraHacks Youtube channel & Waves YT channel.

Prize pool

Track 1 - Blockchain Gaming - $50,000 worth of $waves. 1st $25k 2nd $15k 3rd $10k

With Apple’s announcement allowing NFT sales in their app store and with the obvious market trends within gaming, we predict a huge opportunity within the mobile blockchain gaming landscape. With such a wide genre of games to choose, from action and adventure to puzzles and racing. The gaming industry is still very much untapped. Build a block chain based game and let’s start getting ranked in store. Open for iOS or Android, can be a web based game also.

Track 2 - DAO’s - $25,000 worth of $waves 1st $12,500 2nd $7,500 3rd $5,000

With DAO’s still very much in their infancy and with lots of intricate details that still need solving such as improve current Infrastructure and Legal framework. What are the governance tokens of tomorrow and how to improve the current DAO landscape.

Track 3 - Blockchain for good - $25,000 worth of $waves 1st $12,500 2nd $7,500 3rd $5,000

With very real things such as climate change creeping up on us it's time to explore how to utilise blockchain technology for good. It can also have a significant social impact helping to improve various social problems. Exploring topics such as carbon tracking, co-operative housing association, Traceability of goods and Micro financing in developing countries. Unicef have a dedicated Blockchain department they clearly see opportunity here for good.

Entry requirements

  • Built for the waves ecosystem and in the RIDE language.

  • The App must support Keeper wallet or Metamask login

  • Each team is required to develop a project aligning to one of the three main tracks

  • This Hackathon is open to both group and individual entrants virtually to ensure that no person, regardless of physical location, is limited from participating in the event.

  • Entrants undertake to submit projects that do not violate relevant laws and regulations, infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any third parties, or will otherwise be disqualified.

  • You must be online and in attendance at the closing ceremonies to win a prize.


1. Developing smart contracts on Waves Protocol

TBC - Ilya Smagin, Vladimir Zhuravlev

2. Waves Protocol 101- Architecture, Advanced Scripting & Setting up Waves node

TBC - Rob van de Camp

3. Interoperable blockchain integration for Game Developers using Meta0

TBC - Inal Kardanov

4. Current Waves Ecosystem and Waves Ducks Universe

TBC - Inal Kardanov, Austin McCaffrey, Aram Kharazyan

5. Launching DAOs using PowerDAO frameworks


Mentor & Judges

Sasha Ivanov - Waves CEO

Ekin Tuna - Head of Incubator

Jack Booth - Marketing Director

Vladimir Juraviel - Advisor

Aleks Rubin - Head of US Operations

About Waves

Launched in 2016, Waves is a global open-source platform for decentralized applications. Based on proof-of-stake consensus, Waves aspires to make the most of blockchain, with minimal carbon footprint.

Waves technology stack can benefit in any use cases that demand security and decentralization,  open finance, personal identification, gaming, sensitive data and many others.

Waves offers a unique approach to decentralized application development: by avoiding gas and non-Turing-complete language we keep the system secure and predictable. For smart contract creation, Waves provides its native language called Ride. Its straightforward and developer-friendly syntax makes blockchain development easy and intuitive.