Ep.1 Developing smart contracts on Waves Protocol

- Watch at https://youtu.be/r_jCNND2DN4

- Speaker: VIad, Co-founder Waves Ducks & Puzzle Network

- Intro: Basics about Waves Blockchain, DApps and programming languages and the use cases.

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Ep.2 Waves Protocol 101 architecture: Setting up a node and executing API calls

- Watch at https://youtu.be/o_o1QzQ4SYY

- Speaker: Rob, Dev relation Manager @Waves Blockchain

- Intro: Comprehensive tutorial of Waves node setups and API installation.

- Links:

Ep.3 Current Waves Ecosystem and Waves Ducks Universe

- Live streaming time: 4th November 2pm UTC

- Watch at https://youtu.be/6HASWEgMtsU

- Speaker: Austin McCaffrey, Business Development Manager

Ep.4 Your guide through Waves Developer's Portal

- Live streaming time: 30th November 2pm UTC

- Watch at https://youtube.com/live/J6cwu8quKt4?feature=share

- Speaker: Roman Dolgov, CTO of Waves Ecosystem

Ep.5 Creating an NFT mint dappon Waves

- Watch at https://youtube.com/live/9KHIItGR2R0?feature=share

- Speaker: Bram Nagtegals, SC Developer