📑 Overview

In collaboration with UCalgary Blockchain Society (UCBS) & ICP Hub North America/Dfinity Foundation, we present ChainShift Hackathon. Our objective is to offer a coherent and organized platform for innovators under the Propel Alberta initiative.

📅 Schedule

  • November 7-9: Workshops Phase

    • Introduction to the Internet Computer 💡
    • Live coding sessions on Python 🖥️
    • Live coding sessions on TypeScript 🖥️
  • November 10: Ideathon Phase

    • Submit projects and ideas via Airtable 📝
  • November 12: Reviews and feedback on the Ideathon 📈

  • November 13: Hacking Starts🛠️

  • November 16: Q&A Workshop Session ❓

  • November 17: Final Submission 🎯

🎖 Judging Criteria

Our esteemed judges will evaluate projects based on the following key metrics. Each metric will be scored from 0 to 5, with 5 being the highest:

  • Impact: How desirable is the product for implementation on the Internet Computer Blockchain? Does it provide substantial value to its users and to the broader Internet Computer ecosystem?
  • Business Value: Is the project poised to be a financial success? Can it be easily taken to market as it stands, or with some further development?
  • Communication: Clarity is crucial! Does the project effectively and concisely convey its main features, the problems it addresses, and its overarching benefits?
  • Innovation: We're on the lookout for trailblazers! Does your project introduce a fresh approach, solve a unique problem in the Web 3.0 space, or redefine existing solutions?
  • ICP Technical Implementation: Dive deep into the tech! Does your project's codebase, built on the Internet Computer, exemplify technical prowess, and make the most of the platform's features?

🏆 Prizes & Tracks
All prizes are in USDT, and we have several tracks tailored for diverse talents and expertise:

  • Future Forward: Decentralized Applications on Internet Computer
    Description: Set your sights on the future! Build a DApp on the Internet Computer that could revolutionize industries – be it social networking, e-commerce, or beyond. Prioritize scalability, bolster security, and break the mold with innovation.

    Prizes: - $666

  • Smart Contracts Surge: First Deployment on Internet Computer
    Description: New to smart contracts? No worries! This track invites you to make your inaugural smart contract deployment on the Internet Computer, emphasizing the contract's functionality, practical relevance, and robust security mechanisms.

    Prizes: - $666

  • Pioneer's Playground: Innovative Uses of Internet Computer
    Description: No boundaries here! Whether it's a tool, platform, or a groundbreaking solution, if it's on the Internet Computer, it's in the game. Demonstrate creativity, utility, and the vast potential of decentralized tech.

    Prizes: - $666

  • Honorable Mentions
    Description: Some stars don't fit into boxes! Whether it's an app with a stellar user interface, a groundbreaking idea that needs a touch more polish, or an avant-garde approach to a problem, we want to highlight it.

    Prize: 🎖 $100 each (2 projects) (To be determined)

⚠️ Note: Only in-person attendees are eligible for prizes.

👨‍⚖️ Judges

  • Javier Arroyo Ferrer - ICP.Hub North America Co-Founder
  • Ritvick Paliwal - ICP.Hub North America Co-Founder
  • Chetan Mittal - ICP.Hub North America Developer Relations
  • Sagar Shah - ICP.HUB North America Engineer

📌 Notes

  • The hackathon culminates on November 16th and 17th with multiple panels at the Univeristy of Calgary.
  • The hackathon officially kicks off virtually on November 13th with submissions ending by 4 pm on November 17th.

📝 Registration

Ready to be a part of the ChainShift Hackathon? Register now at Propel Alberta - ChainShift.

🆘 Support

To get support and interact with fellow participants, be sure to involve and communicate with the community. It's a valuable resource for tips, idea sharing, team formation, advice, and feedback. Let your imagination run wild and inspire others as you embark on this thrilling creative adventure!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them on the #hackathon channel in the UCBS discord channel. You can also reach out to our team via info@ucalgaryblockchainsociety.com or on Telegram (@babybirkins).