Sway Summer Online Hackathon Recap and Result Announcement

We are pleased to announce the finalists of the Sway Summer Hackathon! Developers from around the world have contributed to the next generation of blockchain technology by building decentralized applications using the Sway smart contract language on Fuel. They have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the Sway language and the Fuel blockchain. We are excited to see what these teams will accomplish in their future developments! Without further ado, please check out these amazing BUIDL teams!

Tier 1: Good quality, functioning MVP, and alignment with Fuel’s vision.


SwayCall serves as a blockchain interoperability infrastructure that aims to connect the Fuel Network with other blockchain networks. It utilizes a decentralized network of relayers, known as the SwayCall Node (SCN), to facilitate secure and efficient cross-chain transactions. The SCN implements a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism as a security layer, requiring validators to stake $SAFE tokens as collateral to validate relayed transactions.

Tier 2: Outstanding contribution with significant potential.


SwayPay aims to offer payment solutions catering to both DAOs and Individuals. Our primary target audience consists of FUEL users seeking seamless payroll, funding, and vesting solutions. By providing these services, we strive to contribute to the growth and expansion of the FUEL ecosystem.

Tier 3: Notable effort with room for growth and development.


Kooka is a secure interoperability layer for Web3 which allows for the decentralized transfer of arbitrary data (messages and value) across blockchain networks regardless of whether they are EVM-compatible or not. This allows Kooka to provide something that very few bridges have been able to provide (EVM<->non-EVM as opposed to siloed EVM<->EVM or non-EVM<->non-EVM).

Tier 4: Valuable attempt with foundational ideas that need further refinement.

ReFuel Wallet

The ReFuel Wallet is a set of middleware that enables interaction with a Fuel v2 chain using existing EVM based wallets


Empowering Projects on Fuel. Decentralized incubator for seamless token creation, fundraising, tracking, and more.


A platform that allows you to raise funds to organize concerts, promotions and other events through NFT.


DID:Fuel is a product created for the Sway Summer Hackathon. Our goal is to establish an identity infrastructure for Fuel, offering an SDK that makes it easy to create and manage Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) on Fuel, and includes a simple frontend demo showcasing the SDK functionality.


Nila is a Whatsapp digital wallet that offers vouched crop loans to (smallholder) farmers in India. Nila is an experiment in non-collateralized loan distribution through sponsorships, or coordinated trust, as imagined by Consensys in 2021.


The goal of the Payroll is to address the needs of organizations seeking to establish transparent payment processes within a specific timeframe. Its primary objective is to develop a contract that empowers individuals to configure and generate their own payroll system.

Weave Protocol

The Decentralized Social Media on Fuel Blockchain Weave is a state-of-the-art decentralized social media platform powered by the Fuel blockchain. The Fuel stack's capabilities are leveraged to craft a social media landscape that merges traditional social media experiences with blockchain's reliability, scalability, and efficiency.


Decentralized social network on Fuel Network