What's the AI X Blockchain Cook-out About?

It's all about unleashing creativity! This event presents an opportunity for AI developers to bring their skill to Web3, crafting products that improve user experience and empower users with sophisticated tools. Some cool ideas to explore include:

  • Analytics + Asset Recommendations
  • AI-generated DeFi Strategy (yield farming, lend, borrow etc)
  • On-chain + off-chain signal detection
  • Risk Analysis (investment, smart contracts, dApp etc)
  • RWA Valuations
  • Route Optimizations
  • Automations + AI Agents

The Multi-Chain Excitement

This Hackathon isn't just about one chain – it's about a whole ecosystem. Developers can create AI models and mini apps that focus on IBC, EVM, Bitcoin... basically any asset you can think of! Oraichain's app chain is being developed as an AI-powered home base for all of Web2. Your AI apps will help to offer amazing experiences for users across different blockchains. This will make Oraichain a top hub for DeFi, no matter where you're coming from.

Why build AI services for the Oraichain ecosystem?

Oraichain's vision is to dramatically improve Web3 user experience in 2024 with the release of our upcoming LLM Layer. This product will put our user in the drivers seat, allowing them to explore Web3 with the ease of a conversation. With simple natural language input, our LLM-enabled experience will directly connect users to the AI services, DeFi protocols and opportunities that they are looking for. This will help assist AI X DeFi developers in matching with their ideal user, helping with some of the go-to-market challenges faced in this competitive landscape.

Key Dates

  • Opening Ceremony: December 8, 2023
  • Submission Period: October 2, 2023 -January 24, 2024
  • Judging Period: January 24, 2024 - February 1, 2024
  • Closing Ceremony: February 2, 2024

Reward Pool

  • First place: $10,000 in ORAI

  • Second Place: $7000 in ORAI

  • Third Place: $3500 in ORAI

  • Fourth Place: $2000 in ORAI

  • Fifth Place: $1500 in ORAI

  • DAO Favorite: $1000 in ORAI

  • Oraichain DAO will have an opportunity to vote for the fan favorite project via on-chain governance.

  • AI X Blockchain Ideas: $5000

  • Not an expert developer? Don’t worry, we’ve got something for you. Our AI X Blockchain Ideas category is all about creativity. Pitch your solution and share in this opportunity to earn ORAI for your innovative perspective. No coding necessary!

Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements for Hackathon:

  • Developer(s) Name + Background
  • High-level Description: Problem, Solution, Risks
  • Technical Overview
  • Pitch Deck (if available)
  • Working Demo for public testing
  • Winning projects must share their open source AI model. Winners will be given an opportunity to launch their AI services on Oraichain's AI Marketplace in 2024.

Submission Requirements for AI X Blockchain Ideas Competition:

  • Name
  • High-level Description: Problem, Solution, Risks
  • Complete Solution Overview
  • Pitch Deck

Meet the Judges

Our top-notch panel of judges will include experts from Oraichain experts along with special guests:

  • Brian Breslow, Venture @ DoraHacks
  • Dr. Chung Dao, Co-founder and CEO @ Oraichain
  • Dr. Diep Nguyen, COO @ Oraichain
  • Tu Pham, CTO @ Oraichain
  • Duc Pham, CPO @ Oraichain
  • Tyree Robinson, Head of Ecosystem @ Oraichain
  • Mant, Core Contributor @ Andromeda Protocol
  • Hunter, Senior Community Lead @ TRON DAO
  • Matt Cross, Co-founder @ Metafide
  • John DiBernardi, Founder @ Mystic Labs