Hackathon Tracks

1 - Expansion of Existing Products

  • Enhancements in bridge user interface

  • Development of staking auto-compounders

  • Creation of an ERC 4626-style vault for yield products

  • Development of an atomic swap tool that composes multiple messages

  • IBC router for seamless entry into Nibi-Perps using existing assets on Osmosis

  • Smart contracts for executing swaps on platforms like Osmosis, Crescent, and transferring assets back

  • Development of a Golang SDK, similar to the existing Nibiru Python SDK and TypeScript SDK

2 - Data Analytics & User Dashboards

  • Mobile application providing an at-a-glance summary of a user’s Nibiru account, including delegated NIBI, LP positions, perpetual positions, and unrealized P&L,

  • Development of interactive dashboards and visualizations

  • Creation of front-ends for dApps using @nibiruchain/nibijs

  • A user-friendly web interface for wallet connectivity and transaction history view

3 - Community & User Experience

  • Extensions to support diverse wallets such as Leap Wallet, Wallet Connect, and MetaMask

  • Development of Telegram / Discord bots to monitor a wallet or its positions and provide daily updates to users

  • Telegram / Discord bots designed to send notifications on funding payments and other periodic information

4 - New Products & dApps

  • Development of lending and borrowing applications

  • Options market development, including Puts and Calls

  • Creation of Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs)

  • Tools designed for NFT-gating access

  • Building an NFT marketplace on the Nibiru platform

  • NFT lending and borrowing tools

5 - Flex Category

  • Open to all passionate developers: construct anything you’re enthusiastic about, DeFi-related or not. All submissions are encouraged and appreciated.