We are thrilled to unveil InnovateX, the premier global hackathon brought to you by Nibiru Chain, featuring an impressive prize pool of $150,000 in $NIBI. This initiative is designed to bolster developer involvement, enhance community engagement, and stimulate the creation of useful and transformative products.

Nibiru Chain stands at the vanguard of the blockchain ecosystem, revolutionizing the face of Web3 by merging diverse applications and platforms into a cohesive, user-friendly experience.

We deeply believe in the potency of collaborative innovation which often transcends individual efforts. In keeping with this philosophy, we're delighted to partner with Dorahacks on this venture.

Nibiru Chain and DoraHacks extend a warm welcome to all Web3 enthusiasts: developers, visionaries, and business professionals. We invite you to join us in forging the future contours of finance.

Our 60-day InnovateX challenge promises not only a substantial prize pool in NIBI tokens but also invaluable insights into seamless integration with the Nibiru Chain. Submissions will be accepted online, and the evaluation process will incorporate both a panel review and community voting rounds. We look forward to your participation in this hackathon.

Join the Hackathon Group on Telegram to ask questions and keep up with hackathon updates.


A minimum of 3 winning builders will share a prize pool of up to $150,000 in $NIBI or stablecoin denominated rewards. Nibiru may provide extended funding and support depending on project quality, timeline, and alignment with Nibiru’s current ecosystem trajectory. Prizes will be distributed through Nibiru’s Layer 1 mainnet.

  • First Prize (1 Winner): $10,000 - $50,000
  • Second Prize (Up to 5 Winners): $5,000 - 10,000
  • Third Prize (Up to 10 Winners): $1,000 - 5,000

Prize Distribution

Prizes will be loaded into a smart contract, where a portion of hackathon winnings will be available upfront, with the remainder vesting over the following few weeks.

Winners will be required to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to claim.

Entry Requirement

All builders, teams, and organizations, who are passionate about growing the Nibiru ecosystem are eligible. Projects that demonstrate tangible, resilient business models, while providing utility to the overall Nibiru ecosystem will be viewed more favorably.

Judging Criteria:

  • Quality: The team’s overall competence in successfully building the applications

  • Originality & Creativity: The uniqueness and creativity of the idea/project.

  • Impact: The potential impact and usefulness of the solution/project.

  • Difficulty: The technical skills and complexity involved in implementing the project.

About Nibiru

Nibiru aims to create a next-generation DeFi hub, integrating leveraged derivatives trading, spot trading, staking, and bonded liquidity provision. As a secure, transparent, and self-custodial trading hub, Nibiru stands out in the fast-evolving DeFi ecosystem by offering enhanced interoperability and a one-stop shop, full-stack user experience.